(I miss my horses.)


16 thoughts on “MidJourney: GUYS I CAN’T STOP HELP

      1. Anti-art as in he doesn’t care about it, or he hates it? I’m anti-art in that I’m pretty apathetic about it (except when it comes to avatars, because THAT is serious business).

        but how could cute little doggie woggie like Mister Snuggles NOT care about his employees? The mind boggles….

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    1. My husband found a program called ‘Invoke AI,’ and there has been a large amount of time wasted. πŸ˜€

      We can use it because we’ve got gaming rigs, and he figured out the trick to making it so the kids’ computers can run it off of one of ours.

      For those who’ve got rigs that can manage it, here’s their youtube:


      It doesn’t do prompts quite as well as Midjourney, but you can select specific model sets to get different looks and it has some fun tools.

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    1. It takes about a minute.

      Yeah it has very little idea what the details in those areas actually mean, so it invents what it thinks looks good. I just really, really don’t want to get into photoshop.


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