Overheard: StAnDaRdS

“Well, you go to war with the culture warriors you have. And we have Jordan Peterson and Matt Walsh.”

“It was just something that I thought I should do to her, out of the goodness–well, out of the badness of my heart, really, heh heh.”
“Haha, yeah right you are a wicked, wicked woman…”

“It’s like the time my pony had a p–oh my gosh, right. My pony had a puppy. My pony had a foal.
“–And then what happened? When your pony had the puppy?”

“Right, and that’s okay. Clients don’t have to have standards. I mean, like personal standards. Like we do.”

MidJourney: AWOOO

“So the wolf made of smoke is attacking this shaman guy, and they’re fighting in a ring of torches.”

“Very good, heroes should fight the villains–the wolf is the hero, right?”

“Yeah, it turned out he was, but the Wolf Boy is down in this pit trap and he’s gonna have to stay down there until the hero pulls him out. So he’s not going to be able to contribute.”

“He should contribute, he’s one of the heroes. The heroes have to defeat the villains.”

“He’ll have plenty of opportunities later in life.”