Or spoken: wHaAaAt?

“Oh yeah. That’s an eyeball right there.”

“Nip it in the bottom”

“Okay, who’s that now?”
“Oh, I got a subpoena comin’ in.”
[locks door] “No you don’t!”

“I like the vultures on the water tower. It’s like they’re watching the town die.”

“Yes…all that responsibility….you didn’t see my eyes roll.”
“We heard them :)”
“They rolled across the floor, down the hall…out the door…”

“Where do you get goose eggs?”
“From geese.”

[random program-loading noises] “…what?”
“How ADHD are you today?”
“You love working with me and you know it.”

“Huh, there’s still some snow on the ground here.”
“What? Where did it come from!?”
“The sky.”
“I knew she was gonna say that. Because she is a smartass.”
“Heh heh heh.”