Frazettesque Friday – Thieve-star

Which, by the way, is an excellent story now in the public domain and freely available from project gutenberg.

And would you look at that, so are a number of other Schmitz stories. Nice.

13 thoughts on “Frazettesque Friday – Thieve-star

      1. I have reviewed very little, unfortunately, but Schmitz is one of the great unsung Old Masters of classic SF. He’s notable for imaginative plots, clever or sometimes cruelly ironic twists, and nuanced, active heroines. He won either a Hugo or a Nebula, back in the days when this meant something. Baen Books did a reprint of a couple of his more notable story cycles: the Agents of Vega, and the Federation of the Hub. There’s also The Witches of Karres, which I have half-heartedly reviewed on this site but which deserves more intelligent praise than I gave it.

        To sum up, he’s well worth reading if you like good SF. (but then again, judging by the last few entries on your blog…) ;P

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    1. There is an ominous mound of unknown origin and deadly purpose. However, the club-wielding blue people are artistic license.

      The galaxy is definitely a lot more lawless when Peer’s people are around…


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