14 thoughts on “Music Monday – Rag’n’Bones

      1. I did. That’s how I knew it was a neck beard and not just a regular beard. He moved around a good bit.

        On that note, does it show up as a click through when someone watches the video, or because it’s embedded it doesn’t show them as clicking through?

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      2. a) okay then. 🙂 I never *watch* music, and that way the personal attributes of those involved never bothers me. (PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON WANNABE ROCK STAR.)

        b) I would not know. Why does this matter?

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      3. I only watch music videos when other people put them on their blog 😉

        If you see you have X cluck throughs and X visitors, and they are close, you can infer that each visitor watched it.
        But if it doesn’t show as a click through, then you do have to ask, like you did.

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