PSA: Dresden Files short story out

Mouse narrates a short story in Instinct: an Animal Rescuer’s Anthology, which has a cover I cannot link to because Amazon dot com sucks and so do all search engines currently. Bring on the AI chatbot disinformation hordes, at least life will be more interesting then. [WORDPRESS WHAT THE HELL SERIOUSLY WHY CAN I NOT EVEN INSERT IMAGES VIA URL ANYMORE? I hope Elon buys this site and sends you all to the coal mines.]

Proceeds from the book sales go to a Colorado-based animal shelter charity. Which I guess is a good thing. If you want to support a local rescue, direct donations of (non-expired) foodstuffs, toys, blankets, towels, or tools, are always useful. Volunteering is also always useful but the downside is you get exposed to animal shelter people.

And I’m out.