PSA: Callooh, Callay

The Olympian Affair is the second book in Butcher’s other ongoing series, The Cinder Spires, and it is greatly to be anticipated (if not quite to the extent as Twelve Months / the Next Dresden Files Book).

Applying a standardized conversion factor to JB’s estimation, I’m going to hazard that Twelve Months might be done by the end of this year and then published some time the year after that.

Or spoken: SmArT

“But enough about me. How are things going with your clients? The ones who were having so much trouble?”
“Which ones?”
“I don’t know! The ones you told me about last.”
“Oh, the stupid ones?”

“A was hoping you could show her your X system, she had some questions about what to use and how to set it up.”
“Oh, it’ll have to be my husband. I mean, I know what it all looks like but as far as the equipment, that’s all him.”
“You’re making me feel better about my own ignorance.”

“The Yorkie gets the sofa, though, because he’s a diva.”
“Imagine that, a Yorkie who’s a diva.”
“Yeah, he’s also wearing a sweater that says ‘Boss Man,’ so that tells you everything you need to know.”

[At a stop sign] “Nobody, nobody…meeee!”

“Yeah, S has a best friend who is Filipino and his family are all super smart. Except for Fernando.”