Stay creepy, my dude

JUDGE BENBROOK took a single pill and swallowed it. Watching The Shadow, he saw proof of the latter’s statement. The Shadow’s eyes had dulled; his eyelids closed. A relieved smile showed upon the thin lips. Judge Benbrook arose from his chair, faced his daughter with a triumphant gaze.
“He will sleep!” exclaimed the judge. “Soon, he will be well. Meanwhile, my malady will end; for this true friend has discovered its real cause. We shall handle Lunden wisely, Estelle. We shall keep him ignorant of the fact that we have learned his treachery.”
Proudly, the old judge walked to the door of the room; turned to survey The Shadow, who was deep in a drowse. In imposing tone, Judge Benbrook spoke for himself and The Shadow.
“Together,” he predicted, “we shall win this struggle! Truth shall prevail in Westford! When it does, crime will end!”
Those prophetic words must have reached The Shadow, just as he was sinking into a comfortable lethargy. Estelle Benbrook, watching beside the couch, saw thin lips form another smile.

The Shadow #111: “City of Crime”