MidJourney: caracal caracal

MidJourney….seriously, guys, send help

At some point in time I’m just going to have to relearn photoshop.

MidJourney: can you illustrate it?

So can you make MidJourney / AI art generators illustrate your stories for you? Yes and no–not yet. Will you be able to? Yes, soon. Did it draw me a picture of a caracal in a trench coat? Yes. Lots. (“Oh, that’s nice, that’s a lynx.” “That’s a caracal.” “Oh.” “That one’s a lynx.” “Ok, ok, ok, I see, I see, so, now, just for my benefit, Riders?” “Yes?” “In the future, how do I know which one’s a lynx and which one is a caracal?”) Did it also put eyepatches on them? No, for some reason it completely refused to put eyepatches on them, weird.Can I describe an isolated scene or mental image and have it 100% fulfilled?

No, not yet–and also YES TOTALLY.

MidJourney: AWOOO

“So the wolf made of smoke is attacking this shaman guy, and they’re fighting in a ring of torches.”

“Very good, heroes should fight the villains–the wolf is the hero, right?”

“Yeah, it turned out he was, but the Wolf Boy is down in this pit trap and he’s gonna have to stay down there until the hero pulls him out. So he’s not going to be able to contribute.”

“He should contribute, he’s one of the heroes. The heroes have to defeat the villains.”

“He’ll have plenty of opportunities later in life.”


(I miss my horses.)