MidJourney: this week, redheads

I think it’s just about legitimately usable by normies, now, too. Prompts can be pretty straightforward, and it can mostly return the requested requested angles/viewpoints.

MidJourney: Dragons are a girl’s best friend

Way Cool News: Fires at Rising Star

Researchers reveal that Homo naledi probably made and used fire.

Homo naledi are the ones that were discovered in an extremely-difficult-to-get-to cave system in Africa….how difficult? The original team was made of petite women selected on basis of size and caving ability, since they needed to be able to squeeze through a seven-inch-wide gap and climb over and down cave features such as The Dragon’s Back. Head archaeologist Lee Berger needed to lose fifty pounds to be able to get in there himself. And, as seen in the diagram below….there was at least one significant hangup for Prof. Berger in 2014.

Last August, Berger climbed down a narrow shaft and examined two underground chambers where H. naledi fossils had been found. He noticed stalactites and thin rock sheets that had partly grown over older ceiling surfaces. Those surfaces displayed blackened, burned areas and were also dotted by what appeared to be soot particles, Berger said.

Meanwhile, expedition codirector and Wits paleoanthropologist Keneiloe Molopyane led excavations of a nearby cave chamber. There, the researchers uncovered two small fireplaces containing charred bits of wood, and burned bones of antelopes and other animals. Remains of a fireplace and nearby burned animal bones were then discovered in a more remote cave chamber where H. naledi fossils have been found, Berger said.

Isn’t that just Way Cool?

Berger has hinted that there are even more groundshaking announcements to be made, and I’m all in for it.

[Even though I thought The Science Was Settled, TM, but w/e.]

Poetry Corner – Ishmael

AND Ishmael crouched beside a crackling briar 
Blinded with sand, and maddened by his thirst, 
A derelict, though he know not why accursed. 
And lo! One saw, and strung the dissonant lyre, 
Made firm his bow unto the arrow's spire, 
And gave him dates and wine. Then at the first 
Flushings of dawn Ishmael arose, and burst 
To triumphing freedom, ran, and eased desire.

His domain was the desert. None tamed him. 
None bought or sold his spirit, though his hand 
Dripped red against the dawn and sunset stain.

Thrones melted, kingdoms passed to the world's rim. 
But Ishmael scourged the lion in Paran land, 
And kept his faith with God. And he will reign.

- Herbert Edward Palmer