Frazetta Friday: Fire Women

Frazetta Friday – Nerse edition

I am informed this is entitled “Young Doctor” and it’s by Norman Rockwell. All together now: aww!

I’m feeling a bit under the weather (spent yesterday either asleep or watching spectacularly bad romantic dramas) and posting may be light for a while. Also, I did something to Brave and it insists on deleting my login information every time I close the browser. I’m getting annoyed but one should not make important decisions while feverish. Like uninstalling and installing a new browser in a fit of pique.


Frazetta Friday

Flesh Eaters

The problem with posting Frazetta Friday pictures on a regular basis is that there is, however sad it may be to discover, a limited supply of classic art by the immortal Mr. Frazetta.–which is why the Frazetta Friday tag has been expanded to encompass Pre-Raphaelite and basically any artworks I like.

That being said, this is one of my favorite Frazetta paintings, just for the dynamism conveyed by a couple of men standing still and looking off to the side. And grinning.