How to catch up on your chinese dramas

maxresdefault“So the heroine is in a spot where she has to die in about three days so she can be reincarnated as her immortal self, but there’s this one guy who is in love with her as a mortal and he’s like, ‘No way, nuh-uh, no one’s taking you.’ But if she doesn’t die, she’s going to be screwed because they’re going to take away the thing that’s keeping her original self alive and give it back to the hero because he gave up his heart for the other thingy and he’s going to die if he doesn’t get it back soon.”
“So we want her to die.”

“Yeah, she has to die, but she’s worried because she doesn’t actually know that and she’s thinking the hero only liked her for her past self. But the guy who likes the heroine as a mortal is up to his eyeballs in this other plot. He wants to get revenge on this other guy who is down in the spirit world right next door to hell–but not quite there, he’s not actually fully dead–and they hate him so much they’re going to bring him back from there just so they can kill him properly this time. And if they do that, there’s a chance that the demon king will be able to come back from hell, too, which is why they sent the heroine to Earth in the first place, so she’ll die and the demon king won’t be able to come back. Also, the guy everyone hates is her grandfather and her mother just jumped into the spirit world abyss to get away from the people who had her and bumped into him down there.”


“And the reason the mother had to jump into the abyss is because she was rescued by the guy who is in love with her adopted daughter, who is kind of a psycho–but she’s very cute–and, uh, she wasn’t rescued well enough.”

“You lost me again.”

“Yeah, I love hearing about this show from Riders because I can follow it in bits and then she says something else and it stops making sense again.”

“Well, they were going to use the mother to open the gate of hell, but now they’re probably going to have to use the heroine. Except that the person who is trying to open the gate is the guy who likes her and doesn’t want her to die. And then there’s the bit with the heroine’s older sister and the hero’s younger brother. They’re having a romance and it’s very funny and cute, but it’s on hold because the brother got turned to stone for a thousand years.”

“…Oh, okay then!”

“Oh yeah, and then there’s this evil girl who is in love with the hero and she’s making aaall the wrong decisions. She’s awful.”

“See, now I’m completely caught up. I can jump in at episode forty-nine and be just watchin’ right along with you.”

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The Riders of Skaith’s Top 25 Search Results for 2020

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Love and Destiny – Final Episode & wrap-up thoughts


So it’s episode 60 and OK HERE WE GO. I’m pretty darned sure this series is going to have a happy ending, but honestly…

So back at Fuyun Hall, Yun Feng is pacing and Ling Xi has just swept in. She faces off at the door (Yun Feng braces) and says: Are you really not going to come back for Qing Yao? She’s drunk and in pain and you hurt her multiple times–beginning with the loss of her first husband and now you’re still hurting her to this day–High God Yun Feng!

And then she blasts the doors open. (took you long enough, girl.)

Yun Feng is standing there with his head hanging. But he tells Ling Xi it’s no use, Jiu Chen is gone. Ling Xi has to yell at him to tell her the freaking rest.

So cut to: Ling Xi at the black hole portal. She says: I should have known you’d do something like this. Duty is everything to you, isn’t it? And you left without even saying anything to me?! Not even any message with Yun Feng?!

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is having little success guarding the portal on his own, even when he poofs extra hard.

Meanwhile, Yun Feng is addressing the Emperor…he’s going to take on responsibility. And Qing Yao crashes the party. Slap him Qing Yao!


So he does and she beats up on him for a while. He says: do it! You can kill me and it’ll stop hurting then.

But finally they hug and he apologizes. Well that was easy.

Ling Xi, meanwhile, is at her Phoenix Queen desk, doing stuff. Oh, it’s the succession decree. Is…is she going to go down into the black hole, too? She takes off her fancy robes and her queen jewelry (good, she looks better in her old clothes, with her hair down, honestly), and YEP. She’s at the portal and dives in.

Jiu Chen sees the flashing lights as she beats off some of the black smoke ghosts and looks up…they spot each other.
He says: Why are you here!?
Ling Xi: smiles slightly.
He yells at her and tells her no one said she could come!
She holds up the marriage contract, hah.
They hug.

Meanwhile, Demonized-Jingxiu is doing something with a box of….leaves? Demon leaves? Huh? Dude, I used to like you. He’s sad that Ling Xi chose Jiu Chen. Aw. So sad why oh why did she not give him a chance instead, it’s not faaaaaaair! DROP DEAD JINGXIU IF SHE DIDN’T LIKE YOU WHEN YOU WERE HUMAN SHE WOULDN’T LIKE YOU WHEN YOU’RE EMITTING BLACK SMOKE. Anyhow, he decides he’s going to destroy the world, then, “and it’s Ling Xi’s fault.”

So Jiu Chen says: well, we have to stay on guard down here. And, by the way, we’re stuck.
Ling Xi says: Well, let’s finish up that marriage ceremony quick, then. All that remains is the bows. BTW, the scenery down here ain’t that bad. And it’s in a well-trafficed area, at least: everyone who dies passes through…

So she kneels down and announces her wedding vows. And now they’re married!

Jiu Chen says: well, um, OK then.

Meanwhile at the Phoenix Border, Shi San (in men’s clothes) comes over to look for Ling Xi. But the new king, Changting, has sealed the borders. And then Demonized-Jingxiu arrives. Shi San draws her spear and stands ready to fight. It ain’t a fair contest, but she did try.

So, Hell on Earth commences, spreading outwards from the Phoenix Tribe territory, and passing Peach Blossom Forest. The delegation from Heaven poofs in fairly quickly, and Si Ming and Qing Yao go to Shi San. Thunder delegates the efforts to check things out.

Meanwhile down below, Demonized-Jingxiu poofs in to pay his respects to the lovebirds. And the worst thing about it is that he still has his polite, earnest way of speaking. Anyhow, they have a philosophical discussion on what exactly demons are.

They say: you’ve become a demon. He says: everything’s a demon, really.

Lol, Jiu Chen’s skeptically stoic face on hearing this.

Ling Xi says: Jingxiu, turn around. It’s not too late.
Jiu Chen says: …yeah. Do that, Jingxiu.
Jingxiu says: Nah.

So Jiu Chen turns into a white dragon and Ling Xi turns into a phoenix and Jingxiu turns into black smoke and they fight. Much CGI. Pretty colors and flashes.

Jingxiu has that retarded looking demon king sword now, but Jiu Chen also has his own sword and Ling Xi at least has power to be fighting the ghosts, too.

And then Jiu Chen bladelocks with Jingxiu and STABS HIM AND THEN GOES OVER TO THE PORTAL AND PULLS HIM THROUGH. Ling Xi yells for him to come back out, and Jingxiu gloats: she is not going to do it.


She screams and does it. (Jingxiu’s “oh shit” face, though.)

And, for good measure, a quick flashback to them JUST AGREEING that they were married and won’t be separated AGAIN, ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY’RE LOCKED IN THE SPIRIT ABYSS. Gah. There’s still twenty minutes left. There’s still twenty minutes left! (But at least he promised that no matter WHAT, he’s going to return. Tell me how this spirit abyss thing works, then, hmmmm?)

There’s still twenty minutes left! I’m still holding out for a happy ending for EVERYONE INCLUDING BAOQING AND STUDENT REBEL DAMN YOU ALL.

What, wait? WHAT? Three hundred years later?! WHAT? HOW COME LING XI GOT OUT OF THE ABYSS??

Where is this? HUH?

OKAY, SO: Ling Xi is at Fuyun Hall (home of the former god of war) and meets the new HuaYan, who is spunkier and brattier than the previous version…but who is interested to hear that this is the lady of the house. ALSO LING XI HAS A KID OH GOSH. It’s a girl? And, ahahaha, the kid asks why HuaYan is in Daddy’s house because with the exception of Mom, all the women who hang around Daddy are bad people. HEH.

AAHAHAHAH WOW PERFECT HuaYan is the disciple of Cultivator’s disciple (you know, the dumb apprentice of the dumb apprentice who forced Jiu Chen to take him on?!) Ling Xi just says: if you need anything, look me up at the South Pole. I’m glad to see you–you’ve changed a lot.

HuaYan, of course, is puzzled.

In Peach Blossom Forest, meanwhile, Qing Yao and Yun Feng are planning to go see Shi San’s transformation ceremony. She didn’t die when Jingxiu hit her, apparently…but QY is more worried about Ling Xi. Well, it’s only been three hundred years…

Baby Girl is also anxious to meet this Shi San. Hah, Ling Xi doesn’t allow Yun Feng to babysit Baby because he fed her wine last time and she slept for twenty days.

Si Ming is also there–he’s been guarding Shi San in her fish form, heh. So they don’t really know whether or not she’s going to come back and what form she’s going to come back in. Also, Yuli is there and she giggles when Military Bro says something slightly amusing, so that’s nice, maybe they’ll get together after all.

And then Shi San poofs back in! As a mostly-human, but also with blue skin, gills, and giant ears. Why does a fish have ears? Also, she’s apparently lost her memory, because she doesn’t recognize Si Ming. Poor guy! Or any of the other people. Aw.

Ling Xi says: don’t worry. You’ll get to know us, and it’ll be fine.

But her smile has sadness in it, as well, well, of course it does.

Back at the South Pole, Ling Xi, Baby Girl, and Antler Puppy discuss things. Heh, Baby Girl wants to be a boy who kills enemies on the battlefield like Uncle Military Bro. Ling Xi just tells her that girls can kill enemies, too, don’t worry. Baby Girl wants to go out and practice, ahaha, with a little toy sword from a GIANT RACK OF TOY WOODEN SWORDS, lol.

Ling Xi is cleaning up a very long line of scattered toys on the ground when she notices that they’re in fact lined up and pointing somewhere…AND THERE’S THE KNOT CHARM!!!

Jiu Chen is getting interrogated by Baby Girl! And he’s got a really lame smile for Ling Xi when she catches up with them. But aw, they have a family hug (and Antler Puppy is there, too, even better). And they all go home together.



FUCKING WORDPRESS WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO PUT CAPTIONS ON THE IMAGES. SO ANYHOW. LEFT TO EFFING RIGHT: Yuli, I think HuaYan but maybe Shi San, Yun Feng below her, Si Ming in the green robe, Qing Yao, and then The Emperor. Middle is Jiu Chen and Ling Xi. I think the Old Dude is Teacher. Yuan Tong is in white and Jiu Chen is in black with the head tattoos. The Phoenix Queen is to his right and Baoqing is in red behind her. SERIOUSLY WORDPRESS YOU SUCK.

Heh, and the subtitle team introduces themselves as “state immortals”. Aw, well, these guys earned it.

Well. Frankly, I think the last ten or so episodes were completely unnecessary and poorly constructed. Ling Xi had very little relevence in her own story; Jiu Chen failed to develop further as a character and in fact backslid into worse, dumber, less interesting person than he was before. Jingxiu, while it’s understandable that he ended up evil, given his character and circumstances…is still pretty disappointing considering that it’s FREAKING YUAN TONG who mediates his fall. I don’t even want to talk about it.

And let us discuss Yuan Tong. What a freaking extraneous person. Usually the characters created to be hate sinks–the people who have no purpose except to hate, hinder, hurt, obstruct, and confuse the hero–are male. Yuan Tong doesn’t really benefit from being the exception to the rule, though….past the first arc, when she had a defined, sympathetic purpose that she was going to undefinable and unsympathetic lengths to attain, she’s completely and utterly useless. I did seem possible that she might redeem herself by hard labor and much suffering when she got demoted but still given the chance to serve in the army…but she very quckly quashed that thought by being an unmitigated snake–who has no purpose other than to be obstructive, hurtful, and a hinderance to the hero and so does nothing freaking else. So we have a snake who isn’t even an interesting snake. And, at the end when, as an exile, she gets a chance to do something else not connected to the hero (find and/or create the new Demon King)…she blows that, too. And then dissolves, or something. Completely useless. Completely disappointing.

And, what about Baoqing and Student Rebel? Baoqing definitely started off as an intriguing character and there was plenty of space to build her into something.–I mean, if you have a princess who was found as a baby on the back of a random giant turtle, something’s gotta give, right? And while she was bratty and somewhat of, yes, a psychopath, she was also naive, cute, and enthusiastic. In other words, she had a distinct personality that other characters reaced to, and she also didn’t actually murder anyone we really knew. What I really also liked is how she and Jingxiu played off each other: enthusiasm but naivity versus patience and tolerance…that sometimes shades into impatience (with tolerance.) I REALLY LIKED THEM, OK? And given the hints of the romance between her and Student Rebel, the fact that he straight-up disappeared and she GOT KILLED BY HER BIG BROTHER for no freaking good reason at all, is extremely and entirely upsetting to me.

And Student Rebel doesn’t have much of a personality, but he did have a potentially good arc–a student of the Good Guys who for reasons of personal loyalty serves the Bad Guys but then falls in love with the enemy, not to mention befriends the triple agent working for the Moderately-Good Guys, and slowly decides to give up on the revenge business and then finds it ain’t that easy. That’s pretty solid! You can hang a lot on that framework. But instead he just gets straight-up dropped. And it’s not like there wasn’t enough time to develop it, this series is sixty episodes long and about fifteen of them are romantic filler-slash-fluff. I mean, not that it was low quality fluff, but it was still fluff.

And…well, that’s what I have for complaints. This was a pretty good series and it made me happy for almost a whole month while serving as a tiger intern.

Love and Destiny – ep 59 – CDrama Recap

So Teacher in fact told Jiu Chen NOT to go down to the black hole BUT THE DUMBASS BOY SAYS THAT IT’S HIS JOB.

Teacher says: it’s not your turn to do this. YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET MARRIED!
Jiu Chen says: Gotta go. Look after Ling Xi for me, would you? Take care of yourself, Teacher.

Oh you unmitigated DUMBASS.

So back in Fuyun Hall, Yun Feng is crying.

Jiu Chen says: I’m just going to go and get stuck down at the bottom of a black hole for eternity, not dead! AND THEN Jiu Chen says: You better marry Qing Yao ONCE YOU REGAIN YOUR IDENTITY?! I’m off.

And he does it, he poofs out.

Ling Xi is in the Phoenix Realm….Jiu Chen poofs in when she falls asleep. She’s been drawing the patterns for her wedding dress. OH GOSH. So he puts her to bed and kisses her forehead goodbye, OH GOSH AND HE’S AT THE BLACK HOLE PORTAL NOW.

And then he turns into a dragon and dives in.

Demonized Jingxiu is still sitting by a fire in the mortal world, and he wants to know how long Jiu Chen will last. Dude, stomp on my heart a little, won’t you?

Ling Xi wakes up in the morning, and then a messenger bird arrives at Fuyun Hall. Yun Feng picks it up… it’s a “hey, are you OK?” message. So he sends one back: PHFFFFHAHAHA HE SAID “WE ARE NOT COMPATIBLE I DON”T THINK WE SHOULD GET MARRIED.” But Ling Xi doesn’t have much time to consider this because the word comes in that Yun Feng’s statue is missing. Qing Yao lurches in a few minutes later. Si Ming, the Old Justice (HAH LIKE IF) God, and Lord Baishan are there. Qing Yao freaks out. Junior Fox Bro, getting the word, is suspicious and wants to know what Jiu Chen thinks. And where is he, then? Ling Xi is personally going to go fetch him.

But the person who’s waiting, inside a magical barrier, is Yun Feng. He doesn’t put the barrier down. He talks from the inside: hey, that letter was pretty clear wasn’t it?

Ling Xi: …dude….what is wrong with you?

Aand she immediately susses out that he must be planning to go do something dangerous. Well, your timing is off but you’re right on the money, girl.

Yun Feng as Jiu Chen: No, uh, no I’m not.
Ling Xi: THEN WHY?
Yun Feng as Jiu Chen: Well, you were my trial and I completed it and now I’m going into seclusion to cultivate. Romatic follies are no longer in my heart! Your heart is your own business.

And then she collapses, sobbing. Just blast the door, girl. But she remains outside it as the sun sets. And she’s correct in thinking that Jiu Chen is dealing with some sort of difficult problem. BUT HE NEEDS TO TELL HER ABOUT IT THE GODDAMN DUNCE. SHE’S A HIGH GOD NOW AND SHE CAN HELP.

She keeps talking, too, and Yun Feng is hearing it and getting more and more affected. TELL HER ALREADY BOY!

Meanwhile at the black hole portal, Jiu Chen is firing energy at the portal to block the demons escaping. It’s firing back.

Meanwhile, Ling Xi is still on vigil outside the room and Yun Feng is still inside. Shi San watches sadly from a distance. And another entire day passes, oh wait, wow, it’s been sixteen days. Shi San finally comes to check on her.

She says: I’m leaving Jiu Chen. I know you have a problem that you refuse to tell me about. But I won’t force you. BUT REMEMBER WE EXCHANGED MARRIAGE CONTRACTS AND I AM YOUR WIFE. You can’t leave me behind.

Yun Feng: stares and says nothing like the useless piece of meat he is. Oh, and then Teacher just breaks in. He wants to see Jiu Chen, too.


Ling Xi comes by, and at this point she’s the way more reasonable and sensible person in this situation. ARGH, OWWWW THIS ACTUALLY IS AFFECTING AND PAINFUL. But she gives Qing Yao a nice hug, so that’s that.

MEANWHILE AT THE BLACK HOLE, Jiu Chen is taking a bit of a break. And then Yuan Tong arrives. She’s had a rough…well, time. But she’s still spitting venom as spunkily as ever. And Jiu Chen asks if it’s her doing that this happened.

Yuan Tong: Yep! Even when you guys punished me and exiled me, I still found a way to disrupt all your lives! Aren’t I something?
Jiu Chen: So you’re a demon now.

Yuan Tong goes back to being the needy fangirl who was CRUELLY WRONGED by her crush and only wants attention! Oh, and he’s wasting his time because closing the gates actually takes two gods–one on the inside and one on the outside.

Jiu Chen says: You’ve gone so far. And you still have further to go, don’t you?
Yuan Tong says: I’ll do anything if I can be with you!
Jiu Chen says: Get lost.

Yuan Tong goes over to the portal and….dissolves?

Jiu Chen stares at Ling Xi’s knot charm like the useless boy he is.

Meanwhile, Qing Yao is still at the broken up statue, OH GOD THIS IS SO HORRIBLE TO WATCH. Yun Feng spirit-poofs in to keep an eye on things but can’t go over to her.

Meanwhile back at the Heaven Palace, two old guys are talking. Thunder is going to be confirmed as god of war, since Jiu Chen went to pieces after the death of Yun Feng and Thunder led the army to defeat a diplodocus (it’s what the subtitles said!) that attacked.

Meanwhile, Si Ming is creeping around somewhere trying to evade Yuli. Heh, he tells her not to touch him because Shi San might get mad.

Yuli wants to know: is Jiu Chen really inside Fuyun Hall? She doesn’t actually believe it. So is he visiting Ling Xi? Hey, that must be it! (LOL, apparently there’s an official decree preventing the God of War from visiting the Phoenix Realm because he was going so often, lol). So Yuli twists Si Ming’s arm and says that unless she gets confirmation, she’s going to complain to the Emperor and get an official answer. But then she has to leave quickly because Ling Xi shows up.

Ling Xi wants to know what the deal is with Thunder having to lead the armies. Si Ming says: I think he doesn’t want to be god of war anymore and set it up like this on purpose.

In the Phoenix Realm, Ling Xi fondles her marriage contract. She’s going to address the court at the morning meeting…

In Peach Blossom Forest, Qing Yao snatches some wine from Plant Fairy and is getting drunk. Plant Fairy is too naieve a girl to be able to stop her and has to flounce off. Junior Fox Bro is practicing swordsmanship meanwhile and can’t do anything about it anyway. But a shadow falls across Qing Yao once she passes out! OH GOSH. Yun Feng is standing there blocking the sun from her with his sleeve. YOU DUMBASS THAT’S NOT…argh. Whatever.

QY wakes up and spots him! But she thinks she’s hallucinating. He poofs out, and QY, heh, winces from the sunlight suddenly hitting her. And then rushes off to look.

Which is when Ling Xi arrives and launches into a little flashback: of their last meeting there on the bridge, when Jiu Chen told her to find someone else if he died and took the knot charm.

Freeze out…


Love and Destiny – ep 58 – CDrama Recap

So our hero has a drunk and amorous heroine on his hands who wants to go home with him. What a situation. What a conundrum. And down at the South Pole it’s just the two of them…

So, yeah, the usual drunken antics result. (Jiu Chen has to toss his hair out of the way, que sexy). And then Ling Xi wakes up the next morning in her underwear and has a combination panic attack and giggle fit. Well. That’s one possible reaction, sure.

Jiu Chen is at his desk writing something on a red scroll. It’s a marriage contract. He’s giving it to her ahead of time since she’s impatient. OK, fine, fine, since he’s impatient. Lol.

Back at the Phoenix Palace, Ling Xi is giggling over the marriage contract and then has to try to be the dignified Phoenix Queen when the people come in.

Meanwhile elsewhere (Fuyun Hall?) Si Ming is going over the wedding favors and etc. Everything’s ready for the wedding, and woah that’s a lot of gifts. But it’s been a long time since there’s been a wedding in Heaven. It’s going to be a big deal. OK, now I’m getting really scared again. Also, this series is almost over and that’s really sad.

Anyhow, the some old guy comes by to ask if the wedding is soon? He has two really good wines and offers a taste. I think this is the old earth deity guy. Or is it the old guy who guards the South Pole? He’s happy with the idea that there’s going to be a family living in the South Pole now! They both smile and are having a good time.

But! the Emperor and Jiu Chen’s Teacher are discussing the recent demon incursion from the Black Hole. Jiu Chen arrives. He’s got a preview of Ling Xi’s resignation/designation of a heir decree for the Emperor.

The Emperor says: Kid, she gave up being a queen for you. You better treat her well.

Jiu Chen wants, incidentally, some time off. He says: Thunder can handle my job in the meanwhile. Teacher gives the nod, and the Emperor agrees. But then they shoo him out to continue discussing things that are not Jiu Chen’s wedding.

But Jiu Chen is alert enough to wonder exactly what Teacher and the Emperor are spending so much time conferencing on.–and he thinks back to meeting Ling Xi at Teacher’s cave. And has a brainwave.

So back at the Black Hole Portal…he inspects.

Jingxiu spirit-poofs in to gloat/monolgue a bit. And yeah. He’s been demonized. And, it looks like someone with enormous power needs to be the one who goes down and closes black hole. So…either Jiu Chen, Teacher, or the Emperor. And it’s going to be a permanent thing….so why hasn’t one of them done it? He obviously has a choice to make: be a good soldier, a model citizen, a hero of Heaven…or be Ling Xi’s husband and live with her.

Think about it.

On Earth, Demonized Jingxiu says: it’s good to have a choice.

And Jiu Chen is freaking thinking about it what the heck you dumbass. He’s remembering when he was just a kid (an actual kid), swearing allegiance to Teacher. And he goes over to the Emperor to make an urgent report early in the day.

While he’s waiting, Thunder comes over to be bluff and hearty and also totally wrong about everything. But Jiu Chen gives him some advice…and then goes off to see the Emperor.

Meanwhile! Yun Feng’s statue is being repeatedly struck by lightning. And Jiu Chen is there, with some kind of seal thing…oh, they’re letting him out…?! So he materializes slowly. And panics, because 1000 years have passed and Qing Yao isn’t there. Jiu Chen says: I need your help.

OH HELL NO JIU CHEN HAS DECIDED TO MAKE THE SACRIFICE. GAH. Yun Feng says he should go instead, since he still needs to be punished. But Jiu Chen says: it needs to be me.


Jiu Chen says: I need you to pretend to be me and crush her hopes so she doesn’t ever come back. OH MY GOD THIS IS THE WORST PLAN YOU HAVE HAD YET SO FAR JIU CHEN.

But he’s doing this knowingly a little, at least: the Phoenix Tribe will be the first hit if the demons do come out. Ling Xi will understand! If she ever finds out. Dude, you are the DUMBEST FUCKING MORON EVER.

Qing Yao, meanwhile, gives him a sedative that will work on a high god. It won’t hurt someone at his level for more than a few seconds, but it’ll knock out basically anyone else. What does he want it for…?

Ling Xi pops up and asks what he’s doing in Peach Blossom Forest? He lies. But lets her walk him out. She plans to announce her retirement just as soon as the most recent calamity has been handled. Jiu Chen is clowning around and then boops her and tells her to find someone who’ll treat her well if he dies. She doesn’t like this train of thought.

Man, jokey Jiu Chen is kind of creepy.

Ling Xi is already talking about how they’re going to redeorate the South Pole fortress, heh. She wants peach trees. And chickens. LOL.

Jiu Chen asks for his knot charm back, so he can have something to remember her by. (DUDE)

Anyhow, the next scene is him sitting alone among his wedding gifts, being miserable. (DUUUUUDE). But he comes to a decision. He goes to drink wine with Teacher…OH. OH DUDE. Teacher hasn’t drunk or eaten for years. He doesn’t even remember what wine tastes like. So they reminisce (Jiu Chen’s been his pupil for 160,000 years. Gah.)

Teacher says: eh, it ain’t all that great being me. He also apologizes for trying to stop Jiu Chen saving Ling Xi before. He really wanted Jiu Chen to survive and take over for him. Teacher was really strict with Lil’ Jiu Chen…and Jiu Chen appreciates it because it’s made him the man he is now. He thanks Teacher from the bottom of his liver.

Teacher (reeling a bit) says: Jiu Chen, what are you up to?!



Love and Destiny – ep 57 – CDrama Recap

So, back to our highly-emotional faceoff,

Jingxiu says: if you want me to be the murderer, I am. Lingyue and I had a grudge from the previous generation.  So he launches into the story.
But Jiu Chen says: you caused all this, then?
Jingxiu says: hey, all I wanted was for her to sleep until I could get you on my side. If it weren’t for Qing Yao…
Ling Xi says: Well, what about HuaYan?
Jingxiu says: …I caused her to die. Look, this is all Jiu Chen’s fault! Not mine!
Ling Xi: glares in Phoenix Queen.
Jingxiu says: I’ve always been like this.
Jiu Chen says: be arrested already.
Jingxiu says: FUCK THAT. And he and Lieutenant walk out. Into an ambush, but hey. Lieutenant is willing to sacrifice himself for his boss (SEE LINGYUE, THAT’S WHAT LOYALTY LOOKS LIKE. TOO BAD YOU CAN’T INSPIRE IT, HUH?)

So he escapes and Jiu Chen is going to lead the manhunt for him…later.

Meanwhile, Si Ming is dealing with unreasonable requests AGAINNNNN, LOL. Jiu Chen has made him go arrange HuaYan’s fate…she’s going to be a princess who lives a life of luxury and love with the emperor until she dies. This is clearly unreasonable and he’s going to lose his position and get struck by lightning! AHAHAHA and he makes Shi San go keep an eye out for storm clouds, I love Si Ming.

Meanwhile, Qing Yao is visiting with Yun Feng’s statue.

Meanwhile….Jingxiu is out in a frozen wasteland somewhere, staring at his thumb ring. Oh, Lieutenant bit it. Well that’s what loyalty gets you when you’re loyal to someone awesome but tragic, what can I say. Someone comes by to talk to hi….who is this???? Yuan TONG OH NO. OH NO. OHHHHHH NO. HELL NO. FUCK NO. Don’t you dare, show. Don’t YOU EFFING DARE.

Jingxiu laughs at the thought that she wants him to become a demon and tells her to get lost. Keep it up Jingxiu! Be a good guy! DO IT! Don’t listen to the girl who got REPEATEDLY punished for dumb and petty vindictive crimes! NO JINGXIU DON’T LISTEN TO HER!

Meanwhile in Phoenix Realm, there’s a new State Advisor: Changting. Also, everyone is taking pains to point out how much they were never polite or trusted Jingxiu. Ling Xi hasn’t been attending court meetings, because she was out doing good deeds in the mortal world. But also probably because she doesn’t want to attend court meetings.

Ling Xi has enough to deal with even with Changting taking care of most of the business. And he’s definitely working hard. He’s also young and handsome. Oh, hah, he’s her maidservant’s elder brother. But he’s also very powerful (almost a high god), and has plenty of talent and drive. Is Ling Xi planning to name him as the heir?

So, at Fuyun Hall: Orc Commander’s death has caused problems with his tribe, but Changting was able to pacify it quickly and with little problem. Jiu Chen wants to go and check things out personally, but the military bros think he ought to stay home and let them handle it. (Si Ming smirks.)–lol, Jiu Chen has been repeatedly asking the Emperor to let him go check things out and they’re worried the Phoenix Tribe will declare war if they keep interfering. HAH HE’S BEEN ORDERED TO KEEP OUT OF THE PHOENIX REALM.

Si Ming: Not seeing Ling Xi?
Jiu Chen: of course not.
Shi San: Hey want some of that tea Ling Xi gave us?
Jiu Chen: glares.

Oh no. Jingxiu is still in the wastes, and Yuan Tong is still following him. GO AWAY YUAN TONG. She’s got a ball of evil energy. And she’s got a plan: open the gates of hell and THEN take over the world. DON’T LISTEN TO HER JINGXIU! Especially since she’s saying she’ll do all the work and let him have the glory. DON’T TRUST HER SHE IS EVIL!

He points out that the demon needs her to be doing all the work right now. But he also says: the path we walk is the path we walk. Give it to me. OH NO. NOOOOOOOOOOO JINGXIU I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES FOR YOU YOU NO YOU SUCK NOW.

Yuan Tong goes down to the black hole abyss…she’s shaken and afraid YEAH BE AFRAID YUAN TONG YOU SUCK.

I could really use some kissing right now. I mean, in the show.

So she’s down at the abyss and opening up the gate of hell door. AND IT WORKS! The Phoenix Realm sees demons start flying overhead! But, in Heaven, Jiu Chen’s Teacher also notices.

Ling Xi is at the gate of the black hole and tries to block it, but has to retreat. Teacher poofs in and starts zapping the black smoke.

OK, that was weird. OK, she’s been affected by the demon smoke and needs 100 days of cultivation to remove it, he says. He offers to help. She doesn’t even know who he is…dude, you’d better put in a good word for your boy, then.

Heh, and then Jiu Chen walks in and greets his Teacher.

Meanwhile, Qing Yao and Junior Fox Bro are over at Yun Feng’s statue. He brought a table, and, lol, he’s complaining that she shouldn’t be setting things up like he’s dead. (She tells him to shut up.) He also tells her that Yun Feng doesn’t even know she’s there and it’s just like sleeping. (She tells him he’s a dummy, shut up.)

Anyhow, Teacher is reacting to the news that they want to get married. Ling Xi is going to step down from her position and Jiu Chen is going to personally propose.

Jiu Chen: Ling Xi is very careless and not all that pretty and she did slipshod work as the Queen. Very naieve. But she’s a good person and fated for me.
Ling Xi: [eyerolls]
Teacher: Oh, so you like her, then? No kidding?


Anyhow, Ling Xi is back to being spunky with Jiu Chen afterwards. How is he marrying her without asking first! (Girl, he did ask. Multiple times.)
Jiu Chen teases her back–completely stony-faced and serious the whole time. And also completely smug. But Ling Xi says: hey! I still haven’t agreed to marry you!


Well, at least it’s cute.

Commence the kissing. Aw, aaaaaand then commence the interruptions. LOL SHI SAN HIDES HER EYES AND LING XI HIDES BEHIND JIU CHEN. They have summons for him from the Emperor. So he leaves and Shi San scurries over to have a nice giggle along with Ling Xi.

Meanwhile, the siblings aren’t all that impressed with the news. It’s not as if anyone was expecting anything different. Plant Fairy also comes over to congratulate….

OH LOL. Junior: Do you even know what marriage is?!
Plant Fairy: OF COURSE! It’s pollinating! And then the plant can BEAR FRUIT….but, oh, wait. You guys would lay eggs, wouldn’t you?
(everyone else: cracks up.)


Who has, coincidentally, come by just then.


Love and Destiny – ep 56 – CDrama Recap

Back to Lieutenant and Jingxiu: it’s time to grab hold of the power and take it. But he’s fixed on “the Phoenix Bloodline.” And on that note, goes over to see Ling Xi. He has something for her–
Oh, wait, all of a sudden he’s back in the Heaven Palace, paying respects to the Emperor. He has a book for the Emperor, who studies it and asks if it’s true.–the choice for the next Phoenix Ruler is Ling Xi?!

(Ling Xi doesn’t think she wants to, but Jingxiu reassures her that he’ll be around to help out. Sure. But she wants to know why it’s not him? He says: I promised your mother to guard you. I keep my promises. You must take responsibility.)

And goes out, with only a snide glance sideways at Jiu Chen.

Outside, Lieutenant asks: are we really doing this? Jingxiu says: well, she is the actual heir, and the fact that I’m in love with her is completely to the side.

Jiu Chen is about to rush out, except that Ling Xi beat him to it and is there already.

Meanwhile, poor Baoqing is having another tandrum. She doesn’t understand why Big Brother Jingxiu is doing doing this to her! She’s going to remind him that she exists. And that bitch…

Heh, Shi San is doing her best to sow jealousy by telling Ling Xi she needs to stick around and make sure Yuli doesn’t move in. How about she marries Jiu Chen? Then Yuli can’t be around so much! Jiu Chan arrives and tells Shi San to go boil her head.

But. More importantly. Ling Xi asks why Jiu Chen is glaring at her. And reminds him that she’s a high god now, she might not lose if he wants to fight. Heh, he says “as if.” But! More importantly: what is going on? Ling Xi thinks that Jingxiu must be innocent, since he’s giving her the throne. She also thinks that she should probably take it, since it’s offered and it’s an opportunity to find things out and do good.

Only…the Phoenix Queen can’t actually marry anyone outside the tribe.

Ling Xi says: Sheesh dude, I’ll resign when I’m done! Will you wait for me?
Jiu Chen says: NO, I’M DONE WAITING ALREADY. [boops her nose] If you don’t find out everything and stabilize the realm fast enough, I’ll invade.
Ling Xi: [giggles]
Jiu Chen: boops again.

Meanwhile, Jingxiu is bearing the burdens of state and also thinking about Lin Mo. And then Baoqing walks in to hear him calling her name in his dreams. He’s polite…but when she confronts him about, you know, murdering their mother, he merely asks what she wants. Baoqing says: Don’t you know?

(HuaYan is eavesdropping.)
He says: You REALLY want to be Queen?
She says: Hell, who wants to be queen?! I don’t–as long as it’s not HER.
He says: why not?
Big Brother Jingxiu says: Baoqing, it’s been publically announced. It can’t be changed.
Baoqing says: You love her so much you’ll hand her the knife to kill you with? SHE DOESN’T LOVE YOU SHE LOVES THE GOD OF WAR.
Big Brother Jingxiu says: You’re my little sister. I love you AS A SISTER.
Baoqing says: You killed mother. I’m only adopted. I can excuse it. But do you think the actual daughter is going to?
Big Brother Jingxiu says: I’m not going to explain any more. But I will take good care of you.
Baoqing says: I won’t let you get hurt!
Big Brother says: I always will take care of you, except for hurting Ling Xi. She’s the actual heir and I’m going to protect her, too.

BQ rejects his hug and storms off, threatening to tell Ling Xi everything. But then she’s next seen huddled in her room rocking back and forth, so…(oh, she was locked in and her maidservant was yelling to be let out.)

Next, it’s the coronation. Qing Yao and Junior Fox Bro are there! Heh, Ling Xi’s robes are so fancy she needs two people to walk up the stairs.

Baoqing is still in her rooms, pacing. And then she gets an idea. So she pretends to faint and then magics the guards when they rush in. Also she has a knife. OH GOSH SHE KILLED THEM. Orc Commander reports. She left her maidservant behind, though.

Back with Ling Xi: QY asks where Jiu Chen was? He did send quite a few gifts…and, uh oh. Baoqing is there to see her….to congratulate her! And to tell her one thing: the truth. Oh, poor Baoqing and Jingxiu. He’s the best guy in this show (beside Jiu Chen) and he gets stabbed in the back by just about everyone!

Baoqing starts with: I lived here my whole life. I treated the Queen as my mother. She seemed to treat me very well, too. She would let me sleep with her when I cried at night. I really thought that time would never end.

Ling Xi says: Not interested [because you aren’t my relative you’re just some kid MY mother adopted because she was sad I left and wanted something to play with.] Who murdered her?

Baoqing says: Oh, you know she was murdered? And then she tries to stab Ling Xi.

With absolutely no success. Jingxiu shows up and magics her throat. He told her! She’s not allowed to hurt Ling Xi!



Ling Xi, at least, thinks that this is pretty suspicious.

Jingxiu says: I never thought my lil’ sis would be murderous. I thought she was just talking when she said she didn’t want you to be Queen!

Ling Xi gives him a suspicious look, too. Qing Yao comes in and reports that she is actually dead. Cross-fade from Jingxiu, looking upset, to HuaYan, being HONESTLY upset. JINGXIU I AM SO FREAKING DISAPPOINTED IN YOU YOU ARE A LIAR AND YOU HURT YOUR LITTLE PSYCHO SISTER. NOT COOL.

Anyhow, HuaYan goes by to see Jingxiu that night in his quarters. She used to be his student…twenty-two thousand and change years ago. He says: you know, that’s quite a while and we barely met. I’m really not your teacher. She says: I am eternally grateful nonetheless! (AND SHE WITHSTOOD TORTURE FOR YOU JINGXIU BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT YOU WERE WORTH IT. AND YOU’RE NOT. SCREW YOU JINGXIU.)

HuaYan wants something clarified: what’s this about revenge and Ling Xi taking it? Exactly what is the kind of crime that someone like Ling Xi would take revenge on someone like Teacher for? Did…did I hear it wrong?


HuaYan breaks down: but it was him who taught her to overcome hardships and illtreatment and become enlightened! She is eternally grateful and remembers the lesson! Why did he ever help people if he’s just going to do the same thing!

Jingxiu says: It was my good deed for that day. Tuesday, I believe. ARGH HARSH JINGXIU NOT COOL I DON’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE.

Orc Commander pops up and asks if they need to get rid of her. Did…did he just agree…? JINGXIU NOT COOL. I DON’T LIKE YOU AT ALL ANY MORE WHAT WHYYYYY IS THIS HAPPENING?! NOOOOOOOOO. Orc, I WANTED YOU TO BE A GOOD GUY! OH SHIT. POOR HUAYAN BIT IT. NO.

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is hearing the report. And even he’s feeling sorry for poor Baoqing. Also, something’s totally wrong about all this. He says: go find the maidservant who testified against her. (She had her immortality removed and was exiled.) Ling Xi i sabout to head out, but Jingxiu stops her. At this point, the guy should realize that SHE AIN’T INTO HIM.

Meanwhile with the poor maidservant, Orc Commander is about to break Jingxiu’s promise to leave her alive when one of the military bros arrives. OH DID HE KILL ORC COMMANDER?! He’s been injured at the very least. Well, that’ll teach you to beat up on defenceless girls.

Jiu Chen arrives to see Ling Xi….and Jingxiu realizes that the wheels are about to come off. He’s been summoned to a formal audience. And has the maidservant there. Maid isn’t happy with Jingxiu, who killed her own mistress.


Jiu Chen offers to torture-interrogate Maidservant–who is willing to undergo it to prove that Mistress was innocent and Advisor was the murderer.

Jingxiu asks Ling Xi: do you believe him? Or me?



Actually, these days I’m not liking Ling Xi so much right now. She’s gone full “regal chains of commanding” and isn’t nearly as likeable, not to mention she’s not around Jiu Chen much any more and there’s a lack of cuteness happening. Also, mostly, she’s not doing very much overall.–everyone else is, but she’s being very passive. Which, given that she’s now more powerful in every dimension than she ever has been, makes it annoying that she’s also that much less plot-relevant. That’s poor writing.

I CAN’T BELIEVE BAOQING IS DEAD. Qing Yao was probably lying to protect her. She’s still got to get together with Student Rebel and live happily ever after! BAOQING ISN’T DEAD NOOOOOOOO

Love and Destiny – ep 55 – CDrama Recap

So Phoenix Queen is getting the rundown of her (biological) daughter’s adventures and careful care of her. Yeah, but what about your ADOPTIVE daughter? You know, the one you took in because you wanted a baby to play with!?

The Queen says: don’t tell anyone I’ve woken up…State Advisor Jingxiu will kill me if he knows.

Aaaand Jingxiu is storming in! He’s not keen on going back in prison. She’s not keen on being killed.

He says: I really don’t want to. You don’t know how much I don’t want to. But I also don’t want you to kill me.
She says: YOU sent Rebel to open the Black Hole.
He says: Well, it’s a crime, and I couldn’t do it myself. Also, I needed to avenge my clan. Do you understand me?
She says: Why didn’t you kill me while I was unconscious?
He says: ….it’s complicated. [but lol, not really. I’m in love with your daughter.] I did try to keep you asleep until the day when we can face each other without grudges.
She: (glares)–when did you EVER sincerely treat me as your queen? I was only your tool.

Lady, considering that he ruled your country FOR YOU, with IMPECCABLE COMPETENCE, for MILLENNIA, and considering the fact that your country fell in about ten seconds after you got mad at him AND CONSIDERING THE FACT THAT YOU BROKE YOUR PROMISE TO HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE, you’ve got some nerve.

You incompetent moron.

Jingxiu calls her out on the breaking the promise.
But he says: It’s in the past. You are a pure, kind person who doesn’t scheme.–which is why I chose to help you.
She says: BUT I MUST BE FILIAL TO MY FATHER EVEN IF HE KILLS MY HUSBAND! (Ok, so. I think I see the problem here. Phoenix Queen is a MORON. She’s enough of a moron I stopped watching this to rant about it to the other interns. YOU UNGRATEFUL BINT.)
She says: So I was wrong and fell into your hands. Too bad my Ling Xi and my lil’ Qing don’t know about it. Don’t hurt them. (Yeah, like you actually care about your replacement pet daughter now that your real daughter is back.)
He says: Ling Xi is kind, BaoQing is naieve. I respect and love them. (YOU BETTER DO IT BOY) And once you’re gone, I’m done, there will be no threat.
She says: Remember your promise.

Heh, the Old Lady is cussing him out and the Orc Commander stuns/kills her–to accompany her mistress.

The Queen says: you’re going to regret your arrogance one of these days.
He says: Pity you won’t live to see it.

So the Queen gives her life force to Jingxiu JUST AS LING XI WALKS UP TO THE DOOR AND CALLS. The Queen calls for her to come in and she rushes in to see her mother and there’s a tearful reunion. Look, lady, just die already. You’re pathetic and a moron and you don’t keep your promises.

Jingxiu says: Your Majesty, please don’t get too excited, please. Ling Xi, do you mind leaving, she’s kind of dying here.

Ling Xi takes her mother’s pulse and gets alarmed.

Jingxiu says: Ling Xi, go fetch your sister who is a great doctor who lives very far away from here!

She agrees–asks him to take care of her mother–the Queen says: Ling Xi!….travel slowly…

…and Jingxiu recommences the execution. He does promise to take care of the princesses and the Phoenix Tribe. And, you know, this is a guy I trust to keep his promises. Thus ends the Phoenix Queen. I don’t like to really say this, but good riddance. She was an interesting but intensely frustrating character and this is a fitting and suitable end for her.

Baoqing, meanwhile, is hiding in her room and crying and not coming out. Aw, is this character development? Good girl. Some misery will improve you. Ling Xi, for her part, won’t let anyone touch the Queen.–it’s time to bring the body to the funeral stage for people to pay their respects. But Ling Xi won’t accept that her mother is dead.

(Heh, Lieutenant says: you’re a healer. Can you not tell whether someone is alive or not?)

But she throws him out, too.

Jingxiu arrives. He says: death is a process. She was gravely injured even when you saw her. And all of our Herculean efforts went to naught. Being able to see you was a blessing to her. Now, we have to have a funeral. OK? You done now?

But Ling Xi wants Qing Yao to examine the body and won’t let anyone else touch it before then.

Jingxiu is calm: Everyone’s suspicions will be stilled once the investigation is over

But at the South Pole, someone has also come to see Jiu Chen.

And he rushes in to the Phoenix Palace to sweep Ling Xi into a big hug, aww. And then manages to pull her off of the Queen and put her to bed. HuaYan reports (whispering). Qing Yao has arrived. Jiu Chen goes off to supervise the investigation.

Results: death by loss of spiritual energy. But there’s no evidence of foul play. And there’s no evidence not of foul play. They go off to examine Old Lady’s corpse. (allegedly dead via “extreme grief.”) But no one wants to admit (until barked at by God of War) that it was the Lieutenant who came by to announce it.

Jiu Chen arrives to confront the not-so-great trio. Jingxiu denies all wrongdoing and demands evidence–and throws a bit of shade at Heaven, which will never grow old.

So the two of them pull out their energy and blast each other. Jingxiu is not a match for Jiu Chen, but he’s actually able to put up a fight, which neither Lieutenant nor the other mooks are able to. Jiu Chen warns them: I’m going to GET the evidence, and meanwhile, don’t give me an excuse.

But now he has to explain all this to Ling Xi.

Ling Xi says: I thought Jingxiu would be able to protect her! He’s clever, powerful, and watchful. But if she died, under his care, yeah that is suspicious.

Jiu Chen also tells her about what happened down in the black hole abyss back when he was there. It will be difficult for them to find actual evidence against Jingxiu.

But Jiu Chen says: right now, we should prepare for the funeral. That’s what’s important right at this moment.

Ling Xi agrees. They will find out the truth eventually….dangit.

So. To the place of ritual clanking and extremely fancy robes. Baoqing gives a sidelong look at Jingxiu.

But at least Jiu Chen and Ling Xi get to cuddle up afterwards. Very nice, even if Ling Xi is lamenting that she really does have bad luck, not good one. Jiu Chen reassures her. She asks if he’s leaving. He says: will you come with me? Ling Xi doesn’t want to go just yet, since the court situation is unstable. AND! she agrees to come with him once they find out the truth about the death.

So. Jingxiu is getting quite a lot of support for taking the throne. There are also just about as many for Baoqing. None for Ling Xi, however, who has only been there a few days and was never formally acknowledged–and would not even BE acknowledged as a princess at all except for Jingxiu’s support.

Orc Commander, who is always the guy who points out the uncomfortable but true and ruthless path, says: dude, either go forward or, you know, lose everything. (So….the situation would be MORE stable if Ling Xi left? Hah.)

Princess Baoqing, meanwhile, is having nightmares about her big brother/crush killing her mother. Awww poor Lil Psycho.

Yuan Tong, meanwhile: is sitting out in the desert, meditating and doing purple-black magic. Oh no, don’t you DARE SHOW. Don’t YOU DARE MAKE JINGXIU THE NEW DEMON KING. Oh, she’s getting a demon-infused powerup that will help her to be able…uh oh. UH OH. She’s got the black smoke coming off her, like Rebel Rebel used to. Poor Yuan Tong. I hoped you’d be redeemed, horrible as you are.

So Jingxiu is starting to be slightly annoyed by Jiu Chen’s coming and going without any real regard for the Phoenix State.


Meanwhile, Ling Xi tells Qing Yao and HuaYan that Jingxiu is a suspect in the Queen’s death. Ling Xi is very reluctant to believe this, since she has good memories of him…but she believes it. HuaYan’s shocked muttering draws attention at this point. She speaks up in his defense. Qing Yao says: power is poison. (Baoqing’s maidservant is spying on them…and gets caught.)

But then Baoqing strolls up to make trouble: you killed your father and your mother.
Ling Xi just gives her a look and says: I thought you were feeling bad. But now all of a sudden you’re full of vim and venom. Hey. We’re both princesses, but I’m a high god, so I OUTRANK YOU. Don’t give me trouble. I tolerated you, but I’m not afraid of you. And I’ll TAKE YOU OUT if you bother me again. (That’s NOT NICE LING XI.)
Baoqing is slightly flabbergasted. Well…getting slapped around is good for her, really. But still, not nice, Ling Xi!

Lieutenant and Jingxiu discuss. Who is going to inherit the Phoenix throne? It’s time to move, now. The Phoenix Bloodline has been severed….

That’s a weak ending. Gah. This is a FRUSTRATING plotline.

Love and Destiny – ep 54 – CDrama Recap

So Ling Xi is still keeping vigil with her mother and HuaYan comes by to tell her to go to bed already. But Ling Xi prefers sleeping on the table. And presently some guitar music drifts in. So she wanders over to go see Jingxiu. (Where’s Baoqing and how is her romance with Student going? That’s what I want to know!) He’s playing the song that her (mortal) father sang for her.

Ling Xi, cogently, asks why and when he went to her house. And tells him to call her Ling Xi. Lin Mo is in the past. (It’s been a month.) But it’s been a loooong thirty days, Ling Xi says–and assures him that no matter who she is, she respects him. That’s…not the answer he wants.

So Ling Xi drifts back out again, and a bird lands on the rail. It’s got the knot charm from Jiu Chen. Ling Xi cuddles it and looks teary eyed. Well….what…?

So meanwhile, Jiu Chen is getting an examination from Yuli. He’s recovered and probably also had a power-up. Oh, and also he can merge the Nuwa Stone-heart completely into his own flesh. And then he thanks Yuli. Yuli is slightly hurt but mostly professional, and leaves….lol, Si Ming walks Yuli out and Shi San is completely distracted and Jiu Chen doesn’t get his tea.

Turns out, Yuli is in charge of Medicine Hall since her father and seniors are busy healing plagues in the mortal world. It’s her job. Si Ming hints heavily that it’s also good for her to let go of things that aren’t hers.

Yuli says: I’ve liked him for fifty thousand years! I’ve got seniority on Ling Xi! My liking him doesn’t bother anyone, especially since he’s got that dumb Ling Xi. In short, whether I like him or not is my own business, NOT YOURS. Well, Yuli’s grown up a little. Good girl.

Meanwhile, the current head of the Yuan Clan is come to beg for Yuan Tong. Her immortality has been removed and she might, you know, die!

Jiu Chen says: you know, the Yuan Clan did not fall by accident.

And he heads off to the south pole. (Si Ming asks: South Pole or Phoenix Tribe? Jiu Chen: stares.)

Meanwhile, Yuan Tong is all the way out in the middle of a desert. Probably really honestly is going to die, since it doesn’t look like there’s any water there, either. But she’s also staying put right in that one place, for some reason.

Meanwhile, poor Baoqing is throwing a tandrum and also the furniture. Also, Brother Jingxiu says that he’s not going to come see her anymore. And the thought that Phoenix Queen might wake up is no comfort to poor Lil Psycho. (poor kid.)

Ling Xi, meanwhile, is still sleeping at the Queen’s bedside. She is a high god now and doesn’t need to rest–but the Old Lady is treating her like family, now. Which is nice.

Meanwhile at the border, something wooshes by–oh, it’s Antler Wolf! (Also Jiu Chen).

Meanwhile, the palace maids are gossiping about Baoqing’s bad mood, and the fact that Jingxiu no longer likes Baoqing–and that he likes Ling Xi instead. (Jiu Chen eavesdrops) Everyone likes Ling Xi, even the God of War. (the other maids scoff: that god of war is so old!) The other girls defend Jiu Chen: he’s handsome! But HuaYan is distracted and can’t contribute to the conversation. Ling Xi arrives and scolds them. But, despite Antler Wolf trying to point him out, misses Jiu Chen until he sneaks up behind her.

LX: ….hey. Are you eavesdropping on the girls? People will laugh at you!
JC: Yeah, people gossip here. I NOTICED.
LX: Oh, like Yun Feng and Kaiyang don’t? Anyhow, what’s with the sneaking?
JC: Sneaking? Me? I think I do it rather well, don’t I?
LX: ….yeah, so what’s with the sneaking?
JC: I’m going to the South Pole. Just letting you know. In case you wanted to look for me. For your information. Just thought you should know.
LX: Oh, ok. Now I know. Bye.
JC: [mutters] brat!
JC: YOU! Stop throwing a tandrum!
LX: You killed me twice, dude! You’re using your higher power, higher experience, greater age and important position to bully me!

HuaYan comes by and (since gossip), they have to hide, Ling Xi clutching Jiu Chen. Antler Wolf deflects HuaYan.

And Jiu Chen takes the opportunity to ask, why exactly were we hiding? Also, are you hanging on to me or not?
LX: ….uh. Uh. Um. You snuck in, so, uh, uh, people might think you had improper intentions!
Jiu Chen: [pulls her to kissing range] Well, I DO.
JC: NOT LETTING GO. You used to feel me up, didn’t you?

[kiss, dodge, attempted slap].

Jiu Chen says: don’t be mad. I’ve hurt you, but you know why I did it. We’ve been through so much. Please stop pushing me away. Awww, he’s proposing properly to her. And it’s pretty nice. HE SAYS: You took the initiative! And now you have to take the responsibility! (awesome). Because I’m unable to live alone again now.
Ling Xi: [tries not to smile] You think that because you kissed me, I’m already not mad?
Jiu Chen: Oh well then I obviously have to kiss you some more, then. [smooch]
Ling Xi: DUDE!
Jiu Chen: And I’m NOT THAT OLD. And I’m still fine, ain’t I?
Ling Xi: Well, OK, fine, I’ll come see you when I have some free time.
Jiu Chen: See me do what?
Ling XI: JUST VISIT [runs off]
[turns back to look]
[both smile]


So at the South Pole, Jiu Chen has to ask the OLD DUDE WHO LIVES THERE IF he’s old, LOOOOOL. (and doesn’t get a really satisfactory answer, HAHHHHHH) And he goes and retrieves….a book? OK, what book? Tell me about this book, please. Why is he smirking at this book?

At Phoenix Palace, Ling Xi is talking to her mother about her boyfriend. She’s very happy that he’s finally expressed his feelings and gotten in touch with his emotions. And she’s pretty happy that her luck’s been good lately. She just wants to be able to tell her Mom all about it! (aw.)

Meanwhile, Yuan Tong is sleeping/collapsed in out on the sand. Internally, though, she’s being tormented by spirits calling her name….and someone shows up. Oh, her brother….it’s the demon king, taking the shape of her brother. Demons never disappear–so long as there is evil…oh. It’s The Demon…and the previous guy was just his vessel. And now, Yuan Tong….

Yuan Tong, The Demon taunts, is specifically not qualified to be Demon King! She’s too soft, too powerless! Too full of the milk of human kindness! What he’s here for (back in brother form): is the chance to get total revenge, wash away all humiliation, and let Big Brother rest in peace in the netherworld!

All she has to do is find the next Demon Lord. Uhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh.

Back in Peach Blossom Forest, Junior Fox Bro rushes over to help Qing Yao, who has managed to produce one pill of medicine.

And in the Phoenix Realm, Jingxiu is there to observe…the Queen should wake up slowly in a couple of days. (But would have slowly recovered anyway.)

Jingxiu: shifty-eyes. HuaYan is still staring fixedly at him. The other maid scolds her: even though he’s handsome, be careful, because besides not being suitable, Princess Baoqing will kill you.

Speaking of, BaoQing is playing with a couple of baby turtles. And by playing with, I mean poking with a stick. She’s also not going to go be there with her adoptive mother when she wakes–she knows she’s been supplanted by Ling Xi, although her maid servant thinks that it’s going a bit too far. Also she’s mad at Jingxiu for liking Ling Xi. But sets off hopefully enough when she hears that he’s been avoiding LX.

Jingxiu is back in the woods with his guitar, and Lieutenant and Orc Commander are both anxious for their leader to, you know, lead them. Unfortunately, Baoqing walks up in time to overhear Orc Commander say how they’ve killed the Old Phoenix King and attempted to kill the Queen and now Ling Xi isn’t going to let them off, either. Lieutennant agrees: they have to act! (Baoqing watches in trepidation.) Jingxiu agrees….and they all spot Baoqing walk off. Don’t hurt your lil psycho sister! NO!

But Baoqing has gone back to her own rooms and her maidservant wants to go to the Old Lady and call in help. Baoqing says: DON’T! I have to think about this! But she immediately goes over to her mother’s rooms, so. Ling Xi is personally concocting the medicine, earning the maidservants a scolding from the Old Lady. BaoQing is thinking about her mother’s care of her in the past. See, being a spoiled princess doesn’t make you an evil psycho automatically! But she’s also not telling the Old Lady about the plot.

And she goes out. She’s shaky, but she goes. (Leave the country, kid, and go somewhere else.)

So, the Phoenix Queen wakes up with neither of her daughters around, only the Old Lady. And Phoenix Queen is immediately greeted with news of Ling Xi’s being around.

But, uh oh. Baoqing walks out and sees Jingxiu’s coup coming the other way.–in badass slow-mo black robes and walk. But all Jingxiu asks is if Mom is doing well…he’s going to go visit her. Baoqing grabs him, but he brushes her hand away and tells her to go take shelter and stay out of trouble. YOU AREN’T BEING A GOOD GUY JINGXIU NOOOOO

Love and Destiny – ep 53 – CDrama Recap

So, at Fuyun Hall, Shi San is….is she packing her trousseau? Jiu Chen investigates….oh, she’s packing up Ling Xi’s things for her for the Phoenix Realm. Lol, they are both kind of surprised she has so much stuff.

Jiu Chen says….hey, can you carry all that by yourself?
Shi San says: well of course I can!
Jiu Chen says: yeah, but you’re off your training lately. I mean, it’s true! I said so, didn’t I? You feel a pain when you lift heavy objects. And then he zaps poor Shi San when she tries to pick up the bundles. Dude….

AND LOL, then Shi San stuffs them all into a magic satchel. Problem solved. And HuaYan will keep him company!

Jiu Chen has to admit defeat and stroll off….until he sees Si Ming and makes a hasty detour, LOL. But Si Ming catches up with him. Thunder is still looking for the Needle Thief.

Heh, Jiu Chen just sticks him with Shi San and walks off again.

Si Ming and Shi San stroll off. Si Ming explains: poor Jiu Chen doesn’t have a good reason to go pursue Ling Xi, so of course he’s in a bad mood. Too bad Yun Feng isn’t here now…So Shi San, finally, gets it and rushes back home. With the bundles over her shoulder on a stick, lol. Jiu Chen is just being snooty and aloof, heh. But then he storms off and slams the door in Shi San’s face. And the window, too. Poor Shi San sits down and cries, heh.

HuaYan asks why she’s crying….Shi San is crying that Jiu Chen is going to kick her out to the Eastern Sea and she’ll never see Si Ming again…

So Shi San finally reaches the outward gateway, still pouting and sniffling. Jiu Chen materializes and asks what took her so long. Hah. And, lol, Shi San hands him both bundles. LOL HIS OH SO STOIC FACE as he shoulders a HUGE bundle.

That was twelve whole minutes for a man to decide he’s going to go visit his girlfriend.

But back in Phoenix Realm, Ling Xi is refusing to leave her mother’s side. Qing Yao is checking the medical books, and she herself is reading, too. And then the word comes in that Shi San and the God of War are both there to see her…

So Ling Xi merely sends a message via a servant girl: thanks. But don’t expect to stay for dinner.

Jiu Chen makes a big deal about Shi San being injured and having to go back the slow way….oh, Shi San can’t leave today. Maybe not even for three…or four…or ten…days. So we need a guest room. Thanks. BTW, I rescued your Queen, or did you not know that? ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?

Meanwhile in Peach Blossom Forest, Plant Fairy is trying to convince Qing Yao to eat something. Mushroom soup? Prepared with pain and love? And everyone refuses to drink it! QY agrees, probably to get rid of the girl. Junior Fox Bro is waiting outside to make sure that his big sister has some soup and he scolds Plant Fairy for not making sure she drank it right then and there. You kids…

Back in Phoenix Realm, Ling Xi is tiptoeing around and peeking around corners to make sure they’ve left. The maidservant asks her if she’s offended the God of War, because he’s scary…Ling Xi takes off for Peach Blossom Forest.

Meanwhile, Jingxiu is playing with his guitar again….Lieutenant comes in with the bad news. But, heh, I love how hopeful and enthusiastic Lieutenant is when he says that Ling Xi left without seeing Jiu Chen.

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is also getting the report.–and he says, folding his arms, that “if she’s that capable, she’d better not return.”

MEANWHILE! In Peach Blossom Forest, Qing Yao asks why she’s so freaking bold to make the god of war wait for her. Ling Xi says: dude, I’m SCARED! Also, they discuss the search for HuaYan/the Needle Thief. See, the demon king is dead–but there have been four demon kings. All it takes is power…and evil thoughts. So, a new Demon King will/may arise, and there are still lesser evils around.

Also, Ling Xi gets introduced to Plant Fairy.

BUT UH OH! Thunder has fingered HuaYan! They don’t have proof yet, but she is the only strong suspect. Thunder discusses: they need to investigate, whether or not Jiu Chen likes his maidservant being interrogated or not. And he tells his people to be courteous to her….until the matter is fully investigated.

HuaYan admits immediately that she stole the Needle…somewhat confusing Thunder, who was expecting a long interrogation, heh.

Meanwhile in Peach Blossom Forest, the girls meet up. QY says: look, you want more time. Just go tell him this. He deserves to know what you think. Whatever you decide–and don’t be rushed–let the man know it! I know it’s really weird having the pressure not be on all of the time…but take advantage of it.

LX says:….I’ve decided what to do.

Junior Fox Bro woke up late and missed seeing Ling Xi leave. He’s really upset that he’s losing his sister, awww. And QY tells him that hey, why don’t you get a girlfriend then, EHHHH?

Meanwhile back in the Phoenix Realm, Jiu Chen has just gotten the report that HuaYan was arrested and being tortured at the punishment place. He’s there to listen to justice being carried out. As usual.

So they tried torturing HuaYan, but it didn’t work. If they do it again, they’ll end up killing her. Jiu Chen says: why are you torturing her, exactly?

HuaYan claims that she was possessed–but they haven’t found any demon aura on her. And the torture is Thunder’s idea–to find out what is exactly going on and who she is protecting. Jiu Chen doesn’t like this, but he’s probably going to have to stand aside.

Back at the Phoenix Realm, Ling Xi arrives just after Jiu Chen has left. Aw, not one of these again.

Back at Fuyun Hall, HuaYan apparently escaped torture, but she’s also not telling Jiu Chen what the deal is, either. He knows: that she’s protecting someone, that she didn’t act directly with the demons at any point, and that she’s in deep trouble if she doesn’t confess–she can’t protect a person who helped open the black hole to begin with. That was an evil deed, and this person needs to be found and suppressed. Also–if HE uses the torture technique, she’ll definitely not be able to resist it.

HuaYan tries to kill herself. Jiu Chen stops her. She breaks down: she is sorry for what she’s done to Jiu Chen’s house and reputation, but she owes this person a lot and would rather die than harm him. And he’s a good person! (WELL HE IS!) Jiu Chen says: well, you were sentenced to exile in the Phoenix Realm. Go.

HuaYan is ready to accept the punishment. Heh, that’s not a bad punishment, is it?

So HuaYan gets handed over.–Jingxiu says: exile her for the time being. That’s harsh, dude. She kept faith with you! But the word does go back to Jiu Chen, so maybe that was the point. He sends a letter to Ling Xi.

So poor HuaYan is in exile and being chased by orcs. But then she trips over her own freaking skirt and they catch her…and then Ling Xi arrives to the rescue. But Ling Xi wants the truth now, too. She knows that HuaYan isn’t a demon collaborator–so who is it? HuaYan, however, is a good girl, and keeps her mouth shut.

Ling Xi says: well, then, forget it. Stay with me, then–you were always good to me while we were in Fuyun Hall, so I’ll take care of you now.

Back at Fuyun Hall: Ling Xi’s message to Jiu Chen is: Why’d you want her to be in my palace, then? He says: I’m waiting and watching.

Back at Peach Blossom Forest, Qing Yao sees her old flame Sangnan, who just happened to come by to visit. He’s been taking care of some business for her back at home. Icy Qing Yao (who is the best Qing Yao) makes a recurrence, and she tells him to mind his own business: they are no relations. Sangnan, however, gets the idea and wanders back out again.

Junior Fox Bro asks: hey, why can’t you be friends even if you aren’t lovers?
Qing Yao says: Yun Feng wouldn’t like it.

So back at Phoenix Palace, HuaYan is getting lessons in the Phoenix Palace behavior from the maidservant who works there. And HuaYan spots Jingxiu. But he walks past her without looking (even when she doesn’t bow.) Oh, did she not actually know that?

Jiu Chen, meanwhile, is clutching his knot charm and watching the birds fly. GRRRRHHHH WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG TO RESOLVE! I really want to rush into the next episode and yet it’s almost over and then it’ll all be done….