Love and Destiny – ep 51 – CDrama Recap

So this is episode 51! The heroine has returned and been recognized and reunited and pardoned, etc. I am terribly excited about this and also rather worried. We have ten more episodes to go and I don’t know how much plot is going to get stuffed into that amount of time.

So back at Fuyun Hall, everyone is assembled. What, wait, still no kiss?

Si Ming hustles an exuberant Shi San out. The other guys make their bows and also hasten out. So! Recommence the staring. Also, Jiu Chen is back to giving Ling Xi orders…that’s a habit the boy is going to have to give up. Ling Xi remarks that he has a heartbeat now and they go in for a cuddle. Still, I will point out, with no kiss.

Outside, Shi San is fussing over the lack of Ling Xi. Meanwhile, HuaYan asks: so what happened to Jingxiu if he gave her his life? The military bro says, well obviously he was terribly injured.

HuaYan says: well, he must like her a lot if he gave her his actual life.
Bro 1 says: yeah, you must be right.
Bro 2 says: Too bad for him, then.

Meanwhile, Jingxiu is back in his Phoenix palace, playing with his guitar. Lieutenant, Orc Commander, and a doctor have come. They’ve defeated Rebel’s men except for a few remnants, the black hole abyss is closed, and the Queen is still unconscious. They need leadership right now, sir, please…

Also, since the demon king is dead, Lin Mo successfully became Ling Xi, Orc Commander points out. This is the only thing that brings Jingxiu back to life. He realizes that she must be in Heaven…but then…why didn’t she come back?! It’s Jiu Chen’s doing!

Outside, Lieutenant and Orc Commander have a conference. But they figure he’ll be ok once he figures things out. The main thing right now is Phoenix Queen–they will be in grave danger if she wakes up.

Meanwhile–AHA, Princess Baoqing is vindicated. She did not kill the old lady who was taking the message to the other tribe. (Her being the psycho she is, I was rather worried.) Phoenix Queen may or may not wake up, and her energy is being sustained by medicine. Right now, BTW, Jingxiu is covered in glory for having killed Rebel and “rescued” Phoenix Queen.

Meanwhile, back at Fuyun Hall, Ling Xi is dreaming and remembering Lin Mo’s last words…Jiu Chen knocks on her door. But then Shi San wanders up. She’s asleep? What does the boss want to do in Ling Xi’s room? (Jiu Chen: stares.) Shi San retreats.

He’s got midnight snacks–but Ling Xi is not hungry. Being a high god means you can absorb energy from the sunlight, but this medicine is good for her anyway. Ling Xi spoons it up, but she won’t let Jiu Chen touch her right now….also, she’s kicking him out again.

Meanwhile, at the punishment place, Yuan Tong is being tortured/interrogated. OH MY GOSH SHE IS STILL NOT BEING EXECUTED. Just stripped of all powers and banished to the mortal world. The god tells her to be good and not repeat her mistakes in the mortal world.

Yuan Tong: glares.

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is staring out at the power-draining pool. Ling Xi comes up to chat. He asks her to call him Jiu Chen, like she used to.
She says: that was Lin Mo, who did not know the rules.
Jiu Chen says: Do we need rules between us?–you’re leaving.
Ling Xi says: I need to go see my mother. I want to be with her, the way I never was.
Jiu Chen says: ….will you come back? Or, can I visit you?
Ling Xi says: Don’t bother. It’s too hard on you to be with me. OH MY GOSH GIRL.
Jiu Chen says: …what?
Ling Xi says: I’m both Lin Mo and Ling Xi. I’ve had a long, hard ninteen years, and I need some time here. Anyway, love is not the only thing. We also have responsibilities and duties. I must go and be filial to my mother, since I don’t have a father anymore. So yes, I’m leaving.

So Jiu Chen walks her to the gateway. Poor guy is visibly sad beneath his stoic face. Oh, harsh. Ling Xi takes of without kissing him good-bye.

Meanwhile, Baoqing has arrived at the palace. She wants to know how her mother is, and how Brother Jingxiu is. She goes over to see Jingxiu. She’s going to have to join the line–he’s got about fifty people who want to see the State Advisor, but Lieutenant is holding them off, lol. (They’re also not particularly happy that Orc Commander is suddenly a model subject and in charge of the army.) They need leadership!

Inside, Orc Commander notes that this sudden loyalty to the state and faith in Jingxiu is a rather recent attitude…he’s still of the opinion they should kill the Queen. Which is the smart move. He also points out that Jingxiu is not dealing with his trials very well: just one setback and he’s staggering, and allowing everything to slip through his fingers. Also, Ling Xi is the true princess, and going to come by sooner or later.

The ministers are about to force their way in–swords are drawn–and then Baoqing arrives. She scolds the ministers.

Inside, Jingxiu is doing something with his third eye? His life bead? He puts it back into the place with his vine magic? Huh? He’s decided to do as Orc Commander wanted–wait for Ling Xi. Meanwhile, there’s a flash of light inside, and everyone outside says: woah, that looks like high god magic. Oh, cool, he ascended. Now be nice to your nice lil’ psycho sister.

Heh, the oh so loyal ministers are the last ones to congratulate him. But, awwww, he ignores Baoqing and doesn’t let her come to the conference. Also, he’s got some evil shoulderpads going now. Dangit Jingxui don’t go all evil chancellor on us! You’re too handsome! I mean, noble and good-hearted! And you’ve done SO WELL so far!

But meanwhile, the Old Lady won’t let Jingxiu come in to see the Queen. She also dismisses him with elaborate politeness. Jingxiu merely says that if he wants to go in, who’s going to stop him? Fortunately, at this point the message arrives that Ling Xi has arrived.

Jingxiu looks very cute and also rather evil (the tattooed eyeliner) when he rushes over to see her. But, while she smiles and agrees that she’s back, she calls him State Advisor. And then everyone else catches up so he has to behave more formally: this is Phoenix Queen’s daughter, our princess, Ling Xi. Everyone kneels and salutes. (What about Baoqing?!)

Jingxiu explains that there are multiple layers of injury operating on the Queen. And, no, it is not Ling Xi’s fault it happened, Sheesh.

So outside, a report: Lieutenant says that the people must be running pretty scared. Also, Orc Commander is right–Phoenix Queen will figure things out very quickly and is dangerous to them. What do they do? But, Jingxiu doesn’t want to kill Ling Xi’s mother. No killing the Phoenix Queen! Just keep her unconscious, if necessary.

Back at the Heaven Palace, the Emperor is congratulating Jiu Chen…he worked hard and his wish is fulfilled. By the way, where is Ling Xi?–oh, ok, right. By the way, the Phoenix Queen is still unconscious right now, I heard. Good thing, though, they still have Advisor Jingxiu, right? What a great guy, Jingxiu. [Stare.] [stare.]

Jiu Chen goes out and asks for a report on the Phoenix Tribe. Everything looks peachy, except for the appointment of Orc Commander to the royal guard. Ling Xi is in the palace with her mother and hasn’t been seen. Also, Jingxiu has ascended to high god, or so it is said.

Jiu Chen doesn’t doubt this, and says: continue reading.

Meanwhile, Jingxiu is meeting with the doctor and Lieutenant. The poor doctor is getting the third degree. Jingxiu wants her to agree that the Queen’s soul has gone off somewhere else. So, basically: no more stimulants–only sedatives from now on.

OH MY GOSH YUAN TONG IS STILL AROUND OH GOSH WHYYYYYYYY. She’s telling Thunder about some fairy stealing the magic Needle. Thunder already knows and already is investigating.

WHY IS YUAN TONG NOT YET GONE AND DEAD?! She’s stalling hard. She says: surely the demon king is not yet dead! Ling Xi is still around! She’s such a witch who pretends and beguiles people!

Ah, awesome. Thunder tells her to shut the hell up, she is STILL persisting in the wrong. No, he doesn’t like Jiu Chen and no he doesn’t like Ling Xi, but it’s not a selfish dislike–he’s trying to do his job. And he TEARS into Yuan Tong for what she’s done, for purely and utterly selfish reasons. What is being a demon? Evil thoughts, evil desires, no conscience, and harming others is being a demon. And Yuan Tong isn’t even grateful that she’ been shown enormous mercy!

(Yuan Tong isn’t even impressed by this lecture.)

Lol, Thunder wore himself out yelling at her. But at least she’s being immediately sent to the mortal realm. FINALLY. I wonder how she’s going to cause trouble from there, the way her glaring says she’s planning to…

Love and Destiny – ep 50 – CDrama Recap

Hoooo boy. This is getting intense.

The Demon King is trying to call Lin Mo to come to it–it can save her!

Jiu Chen says: Give me whatever has been protecting you!
Lin Mo says: But–but I’ll die.
Jiu Chen says: Everyone who loves you is waiting for you. Including me, yes, OKAY.
Lin Mo says: But that’s someone else! I’m Lin Mo. I’m a mortal girl. I have a family!
(Yuan Tong and Thunder are both watching all this, with…different expressions.)
Lin Mo says: I’m nineteen years old today! (the actress is thirty-one.) How is all of these things just not real? How are these just a trial? And also, you were only with me all this time waiting for me to die, weren’t you! You were only waiting for Ling Xi!
That’s not fair and that’s not true.
Jiu Chen says: Be good.
Lin Mo says: I’ll do it. I’ll give it all up to you.

And awww, it’s some acting. Jiu Chen has to swallow back his tears. But, more importantly, Jingxiu is trying to rush over and then collapses. Oh no. Dude, you’d better come back out of this OK.

So Jiu Chen has had to see his beloved die in his arms twice. Lin Mo says: remember the mortal girl who made clothes for you and cooked for you and was willing to marry you. Her name was Lin Mo. She’s not the same as Ling Xi! Don’t get it wrong.

Jiu Chen is making undignified mucus-snorting sounds in the background.)

Jingxiu crawls up, weeping, but it’s too late. GIVE HIM HIS LIFE BACK!

So the demon king gets stuffed back into his portal….and then there’s an explosion and a bit of the dark goes into Yuan Tong. Not that we didn’t expect that.

But, back at the south pole! Oh please yes! Ling Xi launches out of the cauldron! She’s back! YEAH! Her magic bracelet goes back to her! She has also powered up to “high god” status. The old guy at the door tells her that it was all Jiu Chen’s doing. But she just wants to go home. She’s being very calm and controlled. This isn’t Chatty Ling Xi any more, I guess. (Also, the bird she turns into looks like an ostrich, which isn’t all that cool, heh.)

Meanwhile, back at the Demon Tower, Si Ming and Teacher are able to take back Jiu Chen’s heart, finally. So…except for the fact that she’s broken one guy’s heart and might not be really happy with Jiu Chen killing her a second time on the other hand, it’s a happy ending?! (there are ten more episodes to go.)

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is at home, passed out–waiting for the heart transplant to arrive. All his buddies are there, worrying. He doesn’t have much time and Teacher is taking a while….but he arrives just in time. (Well, actually, he arrives just after time, but seriously, there’s ten more episodes to go.)

Back in Peach Blossom Forest, Plaint Fairy is picking mushrooms for soup for Qing Yao to make her feel better.

Junior Fox Bro says: …I’ll help.

Ling Xi wooshes over to pay her respects to Medicine Dad’s tablet. (her hair is looking especially pretty.) She says: Dad, I’m back.

Junior lurches in, shell-shocked. They give each other a siblingly greeting. (“Ling Xi!” “Stinky boy!”)

But, after, are catching up outside on the Qing Yao/Yun Feng affair. Ling Xi didn’t realize things would be so exciting while she was gone. Junior is feeling rather overworked, running Peach Blossom Forest all on his own.

Ling Xi has changed, he observed. Time and calamities change people, she responds. I’m lucky–I’ve had both.

Oh boy. Qing Yao is at Yun Feng’s statue, brushing it down with a cloth. Man, that’d be kind of creepy and pathetic if he wasn’t actually still in there. But QY is at least happy to see her.

Meanwhile, Si Ming is brooding some more on the stairs. Shi San comes over to sit by him. They’re missing Yun Feng, and Jiu Chen is in bad shape…Fuyun Hall is a cold, empty place. Shi San just wants to know, if Ling Xi is alive, why she hasn’t come back?–and she tells Si Ming that if he dies, she’ll just die, too. It’d be too boring in Heaven without him. (“Can you be more optimistic?”) But if she dies, he can forget about her. Because she’s just annoying anyway. So Si Ming pulls her head down onto his shoulder and gives her a side-hug. Aw. (She’s about a foot taller than him.)

Qing Yao asks Ling Xi why she hasn’t gone to see Jiu Chen yet. LX doesn’t know. QY gives her a rundown on all the things that Jiu Chen has done for her, and gently scolds her for not going to see him first of all. LX avoids the question. Aw, Ling Xi says: for Yun Feng, a thousand years of stone and lightning torture is just about fair for getting Qing Yao’s devotion.

UH OH. Ling Xi has realized that she has a) greatly enhanced power, b) grudges to fulfill. Not good, girl.

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen wakes up–alone. He ignores his (very happy) maids and heads off to a cave somewhere. Oh, to see Teacher. He’s ready to apologize and face his punishments, now.

Teacher says: you were never sentimental…what’s gotten into you today? Were you ever going to not listen to me and do what I said? This was both of your trials. Have you both passed?
Jiu Chen says: Yes, everything has passed.
Teacher says: Well, did she come home yet?
Jiu Chen says: No.
Teacher says:…well, then, you shouldn’t go see her, either.
(Don’t listen to him Jiu Chen!)

Meanwhile, Thunder is back at the usual place, placing a complaint against Jiu Chen for, blah blah blah.

The Emperor merely asks how the demon king is doing now. Well..uh, he’s dead. Well, isn’t that a good thing?

Thunder blusters: how come Ling Xi didn’t die when Jiu Chen personally executed her, then?!

And then! A report comes in! Ling Xi from Peach Blossom Forest is asking for an audience!

Yuan Tong goes bug-eyed. AW YES.

Si Ming is wandering up in the background…he spots her and then goes off in another direction. HEH.

The Emperor greets her: she has removed her demonic aura and is welcome.

Ling Xi then calls out Thunder: what laws has she broken, exactly?
He says: hey, shut up.
She says: hey, shouldn’t you be explaining things to me, your junior?
He says: you broke the law by deceiving us when you were supposed to die!
She says: what law did I break by surviving?
He says: you had demon aura!
She says: And that means I deserve to die?
She says: I don’t have it any more. Still need me to die?
He says: Uh…
Ling Xi says: I’ve always lived and seen other things live, animals, mayflies. I’ve never harmed anyone and I never will. I begged the God of War to help me live. Is that a crime?
The Emperor says: Oh, you came to plead for Jiu Chen, did you?
Ling Xi says: The Emperor is a benevolent and reasonable person. Very different from other deities.
(Thunder says: HMPH!)
The Emperor says: I knew about the plan, Ling Xi. (Actually, it was his plan all along.)

He goes down to speak directly to Ling Xi: she was a very critical key to the plans of the demon tribe. The other deities were not willing to take the chance on endangering others. But he and Jiu Chen were. She has now gained blessings out of misfortunes.–and now she is a high god. (Yuan Tong looks REALLY UPSET.) But! She must not make mistakes or hold grudges…that would be bad.

Ling Xi says: am I still going to be punished?

The Emperor says: There is nothing to be punished for. You basically committed the opposite of a crime.

Ling Si says: what about Jiu Chen?!

The Emperor says: He also helped you to not commit crimes. He’ll be rewarded.

Ling Xi says: Well, now that that’s over, I do have one other thing to report…I want to accuse one person of a crime. Yuan Tong.

(PLEASE just execute her this time.)

Meanwhile, Si Ming is rushing over to Jiu Chen to report.

Ling Xi accuses Yuan Tong of three crimes: killing the guards and framing Qing Yao, killing Medicine Dad (Thunder says: she’s already been punished for these),–but also: for having an evil heart and killing her subordinates and framing Qing Yao and Yun Feng for it!

Yuan Tong is panicking. And Ling Xi calls her out on it! Aw hell yeah.

And she even dares to say that her conscience is clear!

Ling Xi: “You really will not shed a tear until you see your coffin.”

But Ling Xi has gotten back the recording device that shows Yuan Tong ordering her subordinates to advance into the demon mist. Oh, did she repair it with her magic cauldron? (Yep. Qing Yao had the pieces of the recording device and Ling Xi put them back together.)

Yuan Tong collapses.

Outside, the military bros are asking Ling Xi if she wants by any chance to go see Jiu Chen…? And, if she’s really a high god, does she want to spar? Thunder and his entourage are scowling past.

And, at this point, Jiu Chen and Si Ming arrive.



Cry stare.

Gulp stare.

Soundtrack swells.

Walk slowly forward and stare.

(LOL, one of the other old guys pulls Thunder out of Ling Xi’s way.)

Stare at each other from kissing range.





(Couldn’t you guys at least kiss before the episode ends?)

Love and Destiny – ep 49 – CDrama Recap

“So the heroine is in a spot where she has to die in about three days so she can be reincarnated as her immortal self, but there’s this one guy who is in love with her as a mortal and he’s like, ‘No way, nuh-uh, no one’s taking you.’ But if she doesn’t die, she’s going to be screwed because they’re going to take away the thing that’s keeping her original self alive and give it back to the hero because he gave up his heart for the other thingy and he’s going to die if he doesn’t get it back soon.”
“So we want her to die.”
“Yeah, she has to die, but she’s worried because she doesn’t actually know that and she’s thinking the hero only liked her for her past self. But the guy who likes the heroine as a mortal is up to his eyeballs in this other plot. He wants to get revenge on this other guy who is down in the spirit world right next door to hell–but not quite there, he’s not actually fully dead–and they hate him so much they’re going to bring him back from there just so they can kill him properly this time. And if they do that, there’s a chance that the demon king will be able to come back from hell, too, which is why they sent the heroine to Earth in the first place, so she’ll die and the demon king won’t be able to come back. Also, the guy everyone hates is her grandfather and her mother just jumped into the spirit world abyss to get away from the people who had her and bumped into him down there.”
“And the reason the mother had to jump into the abyss is because she was rescued by the guy who is in love with her adopted daughter, who is kind of a psycho–but she’s very cute–and, uh, she wasn’t rescued well enough.”
“You lost me again.”
“Yeah, I love hearing about this show from Riders because I can follow it in bits and then she says something else and it stops making sense again.”
“Well, they were going to use the mother to open the gate of hell, but now they’re probably going to have to use the heroine. Except that the person who is trying to open the gate is the guy who likes her and doesn’t want her to die. And then there’s the bit with the heroine’s older sister and the hero’s younger brother. They’re having a romance and it’s very funny and cute, but it’s on hold because the brother got turned to stone for a thousand years.”
“…Oh, okay then!”
“Oh yeah, and then there’s this evil girl who is in love with the hero and she’s making aaall the wrong decisions. She’s awful.”
“See, now I’m completely caught up. I can jump in at episode forty-nine and be just watchin’ right along with you.”

So anyhow, back to Phoenix Queen and Evil Phoenix Dad. Being in the imprisonment place makes you lose your mind sooner or later. Also, it’s right next door to Hell and this is the second-most demonically contaminated place in the universe.

Evil Phoenix wants to know who pushed her down? She says nothing. He says: well, you were dethroned, weren’t you? Did YOU lose our crown?! Why are you even talking to this guy, Queen? Anyhow, she recaps the scheme to him. He says: meh.

She says: I am not you. I still respect you as my father. Even if you’re evil and I overthrew you, I definitely won’t kill you! (No wonder this lady ended up next to hell. She’s kind of pathetic. Evil Dad says as much.)

Meanwhile in Yuan Hall, HuaYan is invading, with the stylishly requisite cloth mask that all CDrama heroines wear when they’re being sneaky. She grabs the Needle and starts out–Yuan Tong sees her leave. I thought Yuan Tong was at the Front?–but HuaYan makes it to the outbound Gate and away before Yuan Tong catches up.

But a report is made.

Meanwhile…Jiu Chen is getting the reports of Qing Yao. He can’t help Yun Feng, and QY will be able to deal with it. Meanwhile, Lin Mo hasn’t died yet and her spirit in the McGuffin hasn’t been changed yet. If she lives through her birthday due to Jingxiu’s meddling, it’ll all have been in vain. Si Ming says: let it happen. Jiu Chen says: But then Ling Xi will never be back!–Lin Mo may live happily for the rest of her life, but then when she dies in just a few years, the Demon King will be able to come back himself. And that’s ALSO my job to prevent.

Si Ming tells him that there’s a twenty-four hour deadline–but he is NOT SUPPOSED TO INTERFERE by imperial degree…Jiu Chen, of course, storms off.

Back in the world, Jingxiu has brought Lin Mo breakfast noodles that he personally made himself. Are they delicious? Nope…salty. Lin Mo isn’t interested in noodles, though. She’s much more concerned about Jingxiu giving her his life bead….he’ll suffer injuries on her behalf and slowly lose his senses. He’s already lost his sense of taste…he says: no big deal, I’m an immortal. I’ve already tasted everything worth tasting.

Jingxiu explains his history to her. His entire life has been bent on revenge–until he met her. He wants her to live. (Where he can see her.) Lin Mo blubbers a little and doesn’t think that this is good. He also throws some shade at Jiu Chen, who he says is fixated on Ling Xi–not Lin Mo.

Jingxiu makes her promise: don’t give up on yourself for anyone else. Lin Mo just cries more.

Meanwhile, HuaYan is waiting to make the drop. Lieutenant spots her–looking very suspicious—and finds the Needle left under the table. HuaYan is making her way out in the mortal world, but Yuan Tong is close behind. Jingxiu gets the Needle. OH NO. Today is the blood moon!

Jingxiu says: killing Phoenix King on her birthday is going easy on him.

They are going to deliver the Needle to Orc Commander for Rebel Rebel…

Meanwhile, Jingxiu seals Lin Mo into her room. And they set off. It’s weirdly quiet in the Phoenix Realm–Rebel’s attentions are fixed on opening the black hole, and he’s careless–and he never suspected that Orc Commander worked for them. Lieutenant congratulates his master, but Jingxiu tells him not to get cocky. (well, don’t. Even if you are the Best Not-Evil Vizier Ever.)

Jingxiu does something with his vine magic: he just wants this all to be over.

So, at the Black Hole Portal to Next-Door-To-Hell, Rebel has the Evil Needle and all of his people…and gets started.

Back in the world, Lin Mo is brooding in her room. She goes to a window…sees the red moon…

Jiu Chen is searching somewhere nervously–oh, is he in the Phoenix realm?–looking for Jingxiu.

At the portal, Rebel is chanting ominously…

Inside the portal, Phoenix Queen and her wretch of a father are observing the happenings…you know, I genuinely hope Jingxiu is able to actually kill this guy. I honestly do.

Rebel and Orc Commander descend into the portal. OC is just a little freaked out. Phoenix Queen confronts them. He’s going to unleash hell on earth…and she’s going to watch. Except that she’s still weak and injured. Rebel throws a bit of well-deserved shade at Heaven and its laws, but, basically, when they do fight, Phoenix Queen gets knocked down almost immediately.

But when Rebel starts to focus on the portal, Evil King flies in to block it. He fights rather more successfully than his daughter–she still jumps in to save him–and then he jumps back to save her and has blood from the mouth–He is King of the Phoenix Tribe, and while he lives no one will enter the demon gate.

And at this point, applauding sarcastically, Jingxiu arrives. And now he has a sword. He stabs Rebel! (The actor is pretty bad at the choreography). OH LOL ORC COMMANDER ALSO STABS HIM IN THE BACK AT THE SAME TIME. AWESOME.

SO AWESOME. Now go do Yuandu.

Hah, and Orc Commander checks to make sure he’s dead. Lieutenant is there watching. Jingxiu goes over to resolve the actual reason he’s there. Phoenix Queen, like the MORON SHE IS, tries to stop him. The Evil Phoenix King asks who he is….was that a rhetorical question or not? Anyhow, Jingxiu is monologuing and it’s not a good sign. You guys don’t have time.

Evil Phoenix says: bring it. KILL HIM JINGXIU! Lieutenant and Orc Commander hold off Phoenix Queen, and Jingxiu slices up Yuandu. Oh yeah. But then Lieutenant slashes Phoenix Queen. Why! Hey!?

Jingxiu takes a moment to celebrate his vengeance. Orc Commander says: we’ll have to let the Queen die. We do have the Princess, after all. (Don’t do it, Jingxiu. You’ll make Lin Mo unhappy.)

But he says: Lingyue, we’re even now. And, uh oh, Jiu Chen arrives. He clears the area of the floating demon mists and strolls over. One dead Rebel…

One Lieutenant, who salutes and gives him a mostly true synopsis of the situation…Jiu Chen says: tell him that good and evil are separated by a thin line. Walk on the right side of it. He also notices that the Queen is still alive.

Meanwhile, Antler Puppy has tracked Lin Mo down and is bouncing off the magic seal on her door. But she hears it chirping and goes over….it can’t get in and it’s backing away. So she comes out to see it and it gets a nice pet in, at least. (How come you feel fatter, buddy? Aw.) Meanwhile, Yuan Tong has been hanging around the same inn and is smelling the Antler Puppy. And she spots Lin Mo! –and calls her “Ling Xi.”

And beats up on Antler Puppy, of course she did.

Yuan Tong starts to freak out.–if anyone finds out that Ling Xi is alive, Jiu Chen will die. So she’ll kill Ling Xi! And she’s starting to, only OH MY GOSH SO AWESOME GOOD BOY ANTLER PUPPY! Antler Puppy turns into his Antler Wolf form and roars off with Lin Mo on his back.

So, back in Phoenix Realm, the Phoenix Queen has been successfully repatriated and is in bed. Jiu Chen leaves her to a servant (to definitely not get murdered, sure.) Meanwhile, Thunder is about to lead a detatchment to investigate–and keep guarding the actual black hole.

Jingxiu is getting a report: they’ve cleared the country of Rebel’s people. And his heart is giving him trouble. Dude…he’s also bleeding. Lin Mo is in danger.

Also, Jiu Chen is getting similar spidey-sensations.

Antler Wolf is carrying her away from a pursuing, crazed, Yuan Tong. But Yuan Tong knocks them out of the sky–and is hurting Antler Wolf! NO NOOOOO! Directly in front of the black hole portal. Lin Mo begs her to stop hurting her puppy! Yuan Tong says: shut it, I HATE YOU. There’s only the two of us here, why are you pretending to be weak!

So Yuan Tong blames Lin Mo/Ling Xi for absolutely everything that happened to her. Nice transferrence. But the demon king won’t let Yuan Tong kill her. And, at this point, the soldiers of Heaven arrive. Including Thunder. He asks if she’s not dead yet, heh. And Yuan Tong blames her for trying to open the portal. You utter fucking bitch. Yuan Tong also starts beating on her with magic.

Thunder says: focus on the portal! Yuan Tong continues the beating, but Jiu Chen flies in just in time. To collapse. Thunder says: Jiu Chen, WHAT THE HELL?!

Lin Mo says: do you also want to kill me?

Jiu Chen says: I’m here to save you.

Lin Mo says: By bringing back Ling Xi?

Girl, you are Ling Xi.

Jiu Chen says: Give me the life Jingxiu gave you. Hurry!

Love and Destiny – ep 48 – CDrama Recap

Man, I was reluctant to start this up again, because I’m getting scared.

Meanwhile at the black hole, Jiu Chen is there, and then Yuan Tong walks up behind him. She has something he’s looking for–the water moon cauldron that can repair anything and belongs to Ling Xi. It’s broken. Aaaand then she smashes it some more.

Yuan Tong, explains Yuan Tong, did everything to get closer to Jiu Chen and is very upset that he treats her like this. What, like the time you tried to frame him for mass murder? Like the time you shoved his girlfriend into a deadly river?

Like killing all those people?

Yuan Tong says: you BELIEVE I killed them, don’t you! And, even if I didn’t, someone would have. Also, my pills were tampered with. But more importantly, did you ever worry about MY safety? You’re only ever worried about your girlfriend! Never MEEEE?!

Jiu Chen says: Talk won’t ever change the fact that you have repeatedly commited evil.

Yuan Tong says: Words? Words like saying that my clan had an honorable death? You like words like that–don’t you?

Jiu Chen says: we can fix things when Ling Xi comes back, but Qing Yao is still going to suffer consequences. Passing the blame can’t work when she did it purposely and for personal gain.

So Yun Feng strides through Heaven to the great palace. He’s…oh. Confessing that he knew about it from the beginning and asking to take her punishment–since QY, who has a long good record, acted out of grief and anger, while he merely ignored the matter. The Emperor is not particularly happy to hear this.

Back at Phoenix HQ, Lin Mo is up now when Jingxiu comes by to check on her. She wants to know who Jiu Chen is and who Ling Xi is. He’s the wrong person to ask, because he does not want to give up his Lin Mo. He gives her a rundown, as much as he knows.–reassuring her that Ling Xi was a good person and loved Jiu Chen. Who personally killed her, because killing demons is his duty. Because Ling Xi was the hope of the demon tribe. So Jiu Chen KILLED HER! Don’t fall in love with Jiu Chen Lin Mo! Also, he explains that Lin Mo is Ling Xi’s trial–which is why her life is painful and she is going to die.


Lin Mo says: my life was all arranged? Forcing my father to try to kill me was arranged? Being born deaf was arranged? Jiu Chen coming to me was just to wait for me to die?


Lin Mo says: Well, what about you, Jingxiu? Were you here for Ling Xi, too?

Jingxiu says: No. I’m here for Lin Mo. Lin Mo was good to me. She’s a wonderful person. Smart and adorable. And you can cook really well. I like being with you. No matter if you’re god or demon, I like Lin Mo. And I’ll protect you. I will never let you die.


So Qing Yao is being flogged at the punishment place. Thunder then announces she is free to go…because of her good record and also because Yun Feng confessed. Oh, ouch, she lost half her powers. And also, two hundred lashes. Yun Feng left her the broken…is that the mirror or the cauldron?

Yun Feng is…somewhere else, having his sentence read. Because of his rank and merit, he’s going to be sealed for one thousand years and struck by lightning twice a day. No pardons.

He says: Bless the Emperor! Man, I hate Chinese Heaven. It SUCKS.

So Yun Feng is kneeling on a cliff being turned to stone. Qing Yao is not there in time to say goodbye. Jiu Chen and Si Ming also poof in too late and find QY sobbing next to the statue. She begs Jiu Chen, but it can’t be undone.

Si Ming says: Yun Feng wouldn’t like you to be like this. But she’s going off to go see the Emperor (again.) SHEESH GIRL.

Jiu Chen has his own thoughts for his lil’ brother. But he keeps them to himself and just has a moment.

Meanwhile in Occupied Phoenix HQ, Student Rebel is remembering his time with the old Oracle. The old guy told him that power is nothing without virtue, and virtue is both kindness and not doing evil. So Student makes a decision. He breaks through the orcs–and he’s trying to heal Phoenix Queen.

She wakes up. He tells her he must flee now.

Phoenix Queen doesn’t want to go, but he’s holding off the guards at the door. But then she manages to go outside…she’s very woozy. Orc Commander spots her, but, heh, Orc Commander is the best person to do so. He follows her and there’s a fight–oh, wait, he does want to keep her? He and more of the ninjas manage to knock her down and then they ask her to surrender.

Oh NO, she throws herself into the black hole thingy–which is the thingy her father is in and that Jingxiu wants to open.

So. To open the black hole, they don’t necessarily need the Phoenix Queen, they just need an item of great evil.–the little needle thingy that Yuan Tong’s brother (demonized) used to use! PFFFFFT. Also, poor Student is imprisoned, but Orc Commander talks Rebel out of killing him right off.

The news gets to Jingxiu fast.–the Assassin Nail is in the Merit Hall of the Yuan Clan. Also, HuaYan is Jingxiu’s pupil and he tells her to fetch it.

Meanwhile, down in the black hole hell, Phoenix Queen is lying unconscious and a guy staggers over to her. Is this her evil father?

Back at the Heaven Palace, Qing Yao has been kneeling in request of an audience for a whole day. Lord Baishan tells her to be reasonable. They’ve both been punished, and one thousand years isn’t all that long.–don’t waste both their efforts! QY sniffles her way back out to the statue.

She says: hey, are you happy now that I owe you a huge favor?…you must be so bored in there. So she settles down to tell him a story. Aww. It’s the same story he tried telling her before, from the “captive female doctor”‘s point of view. She promises to wait for him.

Back in Black Hole Hell, the guy who is potentially the evil king, is using magic on Phoenix Queen, and then cackles. I do not trust this guy AT ALL. Yep, it’s her father….and he yells at her for not calling him “Lord and Father.” Heh, he’s going out of his way to remind us why people hate him enough to pull him out of the black hole hell and kill him all over again.

Phoenix Queen glares at him–and he asks why she’s giving him attitude. Well, because he killed her husband, took away her child, and harmed the rest of her family, to start with.

Yeah?! Well, he’s her father and he sired and raised her, gave her position, status, power, and she just threw it all away on a MAN. And now he’s going to destroy her. Well, it’s OK, because she hates him anyway, right? RIGHT?! (the “feel sorry for your tormented dad in hell”….((after you killed him because he was an abusive monster)) vibes are sooooo strong.)

And then he turns around and fights off some kind of smoke dragon and staggers off. Random, but ok.

Meanwhile, at the Yuan Merit Hall, Yuan Tong’s Fiance has just about had enough. He demands to know if she killed the men.–and does she dare lie to him?

Yuan Tong asks: are you going to expose me?

He says: I overlooked it when you framed Qing Yao the first time because you were out of your mind with grief. But how can you kill your own men?!

Yuan Tong says: THEY SHARED MY FATE FOR FIFTY THOUSAND YEARS, THEY NOW HELP ME OUT WHEN I NEED THEM. I mean, it’s a good death, isn’t it? I’m merely a little tiffed that Yun Feng managed to save Qing Yao’s life. But I’ll get her next time.

Fiance: …why is this happening?

Yuan Tong: Maybe it’s because my mother died. Or maybe it’s because you stopped me from going to be with Jiu Chen.

Fiance: Oh, so it’s my fault?

Yuan Tong: Sure, put it that way. And, anyhow, get lost. I’m tired of you.

Poor Fiance is honestly stricken. Now. Is he going to do the right thing? Probably not, because he just wanders slowly out.

Back in the Black Hole Hell, Phoenix Queen asks what the heck was up with that. So. This is an imprisonment place, very close to the gates of Hell. People lose their minds sooner or later…

Phoenix Queen asks: …what do you mean–the gates of Hell?!

END EPISODE. I am not starting another one because I don’t have enough time and am not going to leave off half-way through it. This is nerve-wracking.

Love and Destiny – ep 47 – Recap

So, back at Black Hole Mountain Central, Student Rebel is helping Rebel Rebel stagger up to the black hole itself. Demon King wonders why he’s hurt this badly. I’m wondering why he’s not DEAD already. But he gets sucked into the hole to be healed. Student realizes that his father has been absorbing demon energy this whole time, duh kid. And Rebel comes back out, smug and whole.

Back at the HQ, Yuan Tong is in real pain, it seems. I’m NOT going to say poor girl, because she did bring it on herself. But her Fiance is very upset when he sees her spitting up more blood. He wants her to take the pills, but she won’t. Also, he’s supposed to be somewhere else entirely. But he’s willing to help.

Rebel has one last chance to go get Ling Xi from Jingxiu. There’s only three more days. Oh, ok. Releasing the demon king comes in two steps: open the portal, and then open the netherworld gates.

Yuan Tong’s Fiance helps her heal, but also tells her to knock off the dark energy techniques. They recieve the report that there’s been a huge surge in demon energy. She’s going in to investigate, but Fiance says: don’t, just report it.
She says, sure. Eventually. But I do need to know what’s happening.
He says: it’s ok for you to be reckless, but what about your soldiers?
OH BOY. She gives HER PILLS to the men. Yuan Tong, I don’t like you any more again (even if I do trust Qing Yao.)

Meanwhile at Peach Blossom Forest, Yun Feng is lounging around with Qing Yao and trash-talking Junior Fox Bro. QY tells him to put up or shut up. Anyhow, they’re having a nice moment together, and when QY falls alseep Yun Feng picks her up to put her to bed. Naturally, that’s when she wakes up. But hey, Yun Feng is not going to let go once he’s managed to get his hands on her. Also, she’s not allowed to hit him anymore! Aaaaand he’s leaning in for a kiss, which is when Si Ming manages to show up. Perfect timing, heh. Qing Yao is left to grin to herself once he’s gone.

But, back to business. They need to heal Jiu Chen first off. They get him to at least wake up, but he’s dead-set on going to get Ling Xi. But Teacher arrives and won’t let it happen. And Teacher is going to destroy the McGuffin which is storing her soul if she doesn’t pass the test. And Teacher thinks that she hasn’t passed the test and wants to live and die as a mortal. He orders Jiu Chen to stay and wait.–and Si Ming is the one who will be set to guard him and will answer to Teacher if anything happens, Jiu Chen begging or not.

Si Ming says: Ling Xi will be all right.

Yun Feng has to go with Teacher, meanwhile. Teacher says: go to the black hole mountain.

Teacher promised three more days and he’s going to make damn sure that she gets three days. Well, that’s fair at least. Yun Feng must make sure that she does not get anywhere close to the demon king. Guard the gate, then, and don’t pay attention to anything else.

Oh, OK. I didn’t finish this episode yesterday.
So at the black hole, Student wants to know how Rebel is doing. Rebel assigns him to go capture Ling Xi within three days. Student says….please reconsider. They already have their revenge–releasing the demon king means destroying the world. And what would be the point of ruling a destroyed world?
Rebel Rebel says: are you questioning me?
Student says: don’t do something you’ll regret! Dude, that’s not a good thing to say to a guy who sacrificed his own soul to become a demon and take revenge.
And Rebel says as much. Do what you are told….and don’t get in my way. Son.

Back at the patrol: Yuan Tong is leading her men. The demon miasma is very strong. They don’t dare advance any further–they need to report in.

Yuan Tong says: how long have I led you?–and, after fifty thousand years–don’t you trust me? And she addresses the troops: apologizing to them for their fall, and thanking them for following her.

She is willing to, if this falls through, burn in hell to atone for her sins.
But then she asks if they took the pills she gave them….and says that anyone who disobeys will be executed. Yuan Tong. You do not have the right to stand there with sadface.

So the men march forward, get attacked by black mist and demonized–while she stands there, and then draws her sword. YUAN TONG YOU BITCH.

Yun Feng is en route and sees the black smoke…Yuan Tong is on the last few soldiers. The girl has an excellent sense of timing, as always. Yun Feng has questions, but, given Yuan Tong’s talent for manipulating the situation, it’s likely she’ll twist the answer to her own satisfaction. Oh screw this girl.

Meanwhile, turns out that Rebel and Student were both watching.–see how much value Heaven has for human life and righteousness? Student is conflicted.

Back at the Phoenix HQ, Jingxiu is asking: how can I protect her after the demon army floods into the realm? Lieutenant says: we planned for this, remember? We’re ready. Also, Princess Baoqing is doing better. Also…why not help Miss Lin Mo to pass her trial and be purified? And why the hell did you bind your lives together? You’re going to feel her pain and it’s going to shorten your life.

Lin Mo is still asleep, too–dreaming of herself, of her parents and family. Oh, is she imagining meeting Ling Xi? Everyone in her life is there to meet Ling Xi–including Jiu Chen–and ignores Lin Mo. Aw. Jingxiu comes in to check on her. He wants her to understand! She’s Lin Mo! He loves Lin Mo! Screw Ling Xi! Screw Ling Xi…

Jiu Chen, on the other hand, is remembering Ling Xi and being really sad. Which is when Si Ming arrives–summons from the Emperor.

Yun Feng is trying to defend Qing Yao from the accusation that her pills were tampered with. Fuck you, Yuan Tong. Qing Yao looks calm, but she always does…uh oh. UH OH. The god who looks at them says they are weaker. But the Medicine God did examine them and say they were good! Also, Qing Yao wouldn’t do that!

Yuan Tong turns on the waterworks. Sure, she killed Medicine Dad, but what about all these soldiers?! Why did they have to die?! OH FUCK YOU YUAN TONG. How dare you lecture Qing Yao. HOW DARE YOU ASK FOR JUSTICE FOR THOSE MEN!

Thunder, with his usual reasonableness, pops up and asks for Qing Yao to be punished severely.

Which is when Jiu Chen arrives. He asks why the patrol went that far into the mountains? It wasn’t her job to go in. Why did she? Also, what happened to the recording device (that she switched off.) Also, how did she not realize that the medicine was different during all the times she used it beforehand?

Also, why did she not take any of her own pills when she also gave them to the men?
Thunder says: the problem still starts with the pills, not with Yuan Tong. (NO, IT DOESN’T).
Jiu Chen says: there’s a root and a stem. Can you find what the root actually is?
Thunder says: You’re trying to defend Qing Yao because she’s related to Ling Xi.
Jiu Chen says: Did you just say that out loud?
Thunder almost spills the beans about what he knows of the plan, before the Emperor shuts him up.

Qing Yao, at this point, has had enough. She admits that she made the mistake (She’s lying, I know she’s lying.)–and asks for punishment.
Yun Feng asks for mercy!
Jiu Chen says: dude, we haven’t finished investigating yet.
The Emperor says: take QY to the punishment place and we’ll keep investigating.
Jiu Chen is watching Yuan Tong–who has the triumphant glare.

Outside, Si Ming asks if QY will be OK. Nope. Even if Yuan Tong is proved to have deliberately created the situation, QY admitted an enormous crime and is going to suffer the consequences.
Jiu Chen says: he’s going to the black hole mountain–you make sure Yun Feng doesn’t do anything stupid.

Which, hopefully he won’t. He’s gone over to see Qing Yao at the punishment place. But she’s resigned: she hurt innocent people and should suffer the consequences. Also, it’s not possible to escape.

QING YAO OH YOU IDIOT SHE REALLY DID MAKE THE PILLS WEAKER. OH SCREW YOU QING YAO I TRUSTED YOU. But at least she’s honestly regretful and willing to suffer the honest punishment. See, this is the difference between good people who make a mistake, and bad ones.

Yun Feng is having a breakdown. He wants to go fetch Jiu Chen to try and save her. Off he goes.

Love and Destiny – Ep 46 – Recap

So they stayed out late and Jiu Chen is having to piggyback Lin Mo home. She’s not afraid of anything as long as he’s there with her. But that night he’s watching her sleep. He kisses her forehead and promises to wait for her– “Ling Xi, I will wait for you.”–and then poofs out. Oh, oh boy. Ghosting your girlfriend is not cool.

So Lin Mo discovers he’s gone, is despondent at work, rushes home that evening, finds he’s still gone and only Antler Puppy remains. But she’s a heroine and makes sure the puppy gets fed. Jiu Chen is watching, but Si Ming reminds him: [both fingers on lips] heh.

Meanwhile, Baoqing is resting. Jingxiu is heading off again, despite having used a lot of energy. He pauses at the door and looks back, but says nothing. Whatever you’re gonna do, don’t kill your lil’ psycho sister’s love interest.

Meanwhile, Lin Mo is still cooking two peoples’ worth of meals and running out in the rain when she hears the gates bang open. Doc Sun and Aunty are being extra considerate of her for this reason. And, oh man, Lin Mo goes home and instead of shutting the gates, turns around and opens them wide.

Jiu Chen is on station at Si Ming Hall, watching events and refusing to leave. Or have tea.

Lin Mo is setting out to look for him. Oh boy. She leaves Antler Puppy behind. Oh, and she has a cough now. Also, no one knows where “Taiping Prefecture” is. LOL Jiu Chen sprints out of the Si Ming Hall.

That evening, it’s raining and Lin Mo has to beg shelter at the government official station. The guy won’t let her in, but does sends her to the shed for shelter. So she falls asleep huddled up on some grain sacks and Jiu Chen poofs in. Dude….

She wakes up and he’s trying to leave, but she catches him. Why did he come back? Why did he leave? What does he have to say to her? Is it become of the woman named Ling Xi?–the woman you like who looks like me? Have you ever sincerely liked me?

Jiu Chen just hugs her and says sorry. Hah, and gets her a room inside the station with a nice bed and all. DUDE YOU ARE INTERFERING. THIS IS NOT GOOD! Well, at least she still has the cough. So when Jiu Chen goes down to get her some food, Si Ming poofs in: You are interfering. You will interfere when she does have the actual trial. Oh, she’s going to get sick and die on her birthday. OH NO HER BIRTHDAY IS THE BLOOD MOON.

Jiu Chen wants to know if she’ll be in pain during the trial….it’s the death trial. She’s going to be in severe pain and also going to look terrible. The third trial, Si Ming doesn’t want to say, but it’s the trial that happens after the death trial, BUT! As long as Jiu Chen DOES NOT INTERFERE IT’LL BE FINE.

(Screaming from upstairs). The demon-suppressant tattoo is hurting. Jiu Chen CAN’T help. So he doesn’t. He just tells her that nothing’s wrong with her, she’s just sick. Lin Mo doesn’t want to go home to her parents, she wants to go home to her home.

But, OH NO. The demon king has found her for sure. And so does Rebel Rebel, now, it seems.

Meanwhile, Yuan Tong is practicing with the dark energy orb and having no success with that, either. She’s even gotten blood on her boots. She’s wondering if the anti-darkness pills that Qing Yao gave her are contaminated…Yuan Tong, if you redeem yourself by dying nobly, I will forgive you. Because I don’t believe for a minute that Qing Yao would stoop that low.

Meanwhile back at home, Jiu Chen is trying to feed Lin Mo soup, but she has no appetite. He wants to go buy food. She just tells him to go get Doc Sun. But also, don’t leave. He leaves Antler Puppy to take care of her and heads out. Lin Mo tries to eat something, but…can’t. Can she just not taste anything?

So the guys find her sobbing ( and, ew, drooling a little from coughing up the food. That’s genuine quality acting there) in the kitchen. Doc Sun has no idea, naturally. Lin Mo tells Jiu Chen to go out and rest, so she can sleep. He tucks her in (aw) and goes out.

Lin Mo has trouble sleeping, though, since the demon tattoo is flaring up.

AND THEN JINGXIU POOFS IN. He wants to grab her and run. OH NO HE’S GOING TO SPILL THE BEANS?! He insists that she go with him, but then they find Jiu Chen outside.

Jingxiu spills the beans, he says that Jiu Chen is going to kill her.

Jiu Chen says: I’m going to save you.

Jingxiu says: Save her, or save Ling Xi?

And, there’s no answer to that, so they fight. Semi-injured Jingxiu is not a match for god of war Jiu Chen, and anyhow, Lin Mo has loads of questions at this point. See, dude, if you had just kept away….because now she knows that she’s really dying. And if she dies, Ling Xi comes back. And Jingxiu doesn’t know Ling Xi or care: he just knows Lin Mo. (Also, needs the demon king to stay alive?)

And Lin Mo starts coughing up loads of blood at this point.

Jiu Chen promises: no matter who comes today, no one is taking my MoMo away.

AAAAAaaaaand then Rebel Rebel arrives. Guys, this is some major interference in the destiny of a mortal. BUT JIU CHEN CAN’T AFFORD TO FIGHT TOO MUCH HIS HEART WILL GIVE OUT! OH NO, and Jingxiu poofs out with Lin Mo while he’s occupied–and then he collapses.

Si Ming rushes in–he’s about to die, it was too much for the Fire Essence. Jiu Chen says: call in Yun Feng and rescue Lin Mo! There are only four more days (thud).

Jingxiu is cuddling Lin Mo by the side of a road somewhere, trying to heal her. Dude….

OH, she’s lost her sight. The plan is still working, I think. Please let her just die the way she needs to…did she just die?

Well that was fast.

Jingxiu is left ranting at the heavens. He now has another cause for vengeance, now that his only love has been taken away from him. OH NO HE’S GOING TO HEAL HER WITH HIS OWN LIFE NOOOOO DUDE STOPPPPPPPP. DUUUUUUUUUUDE.




Love and Destiny – ep 45 – CDrama Recap

So Lin Mo goes back to see Grandma. Grandma is in bed and has the grace to look happy about seeing her healed, beautiful, successful, and accomplished granddaughter. And she apologizes for not being good in the past, and pressuring him into trying to kill her. Man, when I write that out it sounds terrible. But Dad has been suffering, too, apparently.

And Grandma gives her a hug. Aw. Lin Mo takes her pulse and checks her prescription. The main issue is how upset Granny was, she’ll be fine if she starts being calmer.

Outside, Lil Sis asks: hey, what does that man who came back with you do? OH STOP MUMBLING, I’m not gonna steal him! (heh)

Turns out, the Song Family made an enormous fuss about the living together.Except, turns out, while the Song elders didn’t mind that much, the Young Lord Song did. LOL, Lil Sis says that she scolded him and drove him out, he had no right to talk like that. And don’t thank me! I didn’t do it for you! Now, about this guy you’ve brought home…Awww, Lil Sis. So blunt. I like you, too. (Now. A little.)

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is getting stared at by the maidservants. Awkward.

But Dad arrives. There’s a tearful reunion–they get to have some alone time, too. Dad has been worried sick about her, naturally. So they have a chat. Dad is totally willing to believe his daughter instead of the Song family…thanks, Dad. So. What does this guy do, exactly?

So finally that evening, Jiu Chen gets to meet with Dad.
Dad says: Lin Mo is going to be busy with her Granny, so how about we send the housekeeper to keep you entertained while you walk around outside and go see the views.
Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is drinking tea and swiveling between facing Dad and facing forward until Dad gets to the bit about, hey, what do you actually do?

Then, LOL, he SNATCHES the papers out of his sleeve and bundles them over, hehhhhh.

Fortunately, Dad doesn’t really care about these. And, also, call me Uncle Lin.

Jiu Chen, high god of the Nine Heavens, has to pause and reset his mind at this, snerk.  Dad has his doubts, because while Jiu Chen is (admittedly) a rich young master, and while Dad is only a poor government official, his daughter is THE BEST DAUGHTER. AWWW. Dad wants to know if Jiu Chen will take care of her properly and is willing to do what it takes to protect and be with her.

Oh Dad, if only you knew.

Meanwhile: Jingxiu is getting the report from Orc Commander. They are ready to open the black hole–everything is ready, except for the blood moon. Meanwhile, Rebel Rebel has been punished by the demon king for not finding Ling Xi. Orc Commander thinks that it’s ok, since Rebel is more focused on revenge/opening the black hole, than releasing the demon king. Also, they have all sussed out that Ling Xi has been sent to the mortal world to be purified through trials. Orc Commander thinks that this is a good thing. Jingxiu is conflicted.

Meanwhile back in Peach Forest, Yun Feng and Qing Yao are playing chess. QY is not like other women. She does not play music, and the only dancing she likes is when she sticks people with needles. Yun Feng starts to run off about his past adventures in the war…about the capture of a female doctor in the war…QY continues playing chess. And being obstinately reasonable about his story, LOL.

Yun Feng. Just Yun Feng. She already invited you home and hasn’t broken your legs yet. You should realize that this means she likes you! OH AWWWWW SHE KISSED HIM (on the cheek.) Oh my, Qing Yao is awesome when she’s icy, but she’s adorable when she smiles. Yun Feng has to slap himself, LOL.

Junior Fox Bro, naturally, has been eavesdropping. Not that it takes much with Yun Feng hooting about it, lol. There’s a bit of siblingly bickering, awwww, and congratulations. And then running away laughing.

But, oh no. Sangnan shows up with the order that Junior Bro’s house arrest is over. And then Qing Yao bumps straight into him. He’s still got lots of thoughts about the past and about love. QY says: I respect fate, I don’t believe in it. And while I loved you before, I have now moved on. We were both trapped by obsession for fity thousand years. Sangnan says: you have someone else?–well, I wish you well.

So back at home, Lin Mo and Jiu Chen are back at their home and seeing Antler Puppy. And, heh, Lin Mo says they have work to do, houses to clean, chickens to count, etc.

Back at Peach Blossom Forest, Junior Brother is walking, and Plant Fairy is following him. Until he threatens to pull her hair. Junior wants to go look for Ling Xi in the mortal world. Meanwhile, Yun Feng asks why the cute Plant Girl is upset? But she’s scared of Junior and doesn’t tell.

Oh, oops. Junior did go down to Earth–and he just spotted Lin Mo. And is following her. Making her nervous, heh. She pops up from behind a bush with a stick, heh. But he magics it out of the air. DUDE DID WE NOT WARN YOU! Lin Mo tells him that she knows someone who does magic better than him! Junior says: who, Jiu Chen? Lin Mo is nonplussed and suspicious. Junior realizes he made a mistake coming too close, says sorry, and leaves.

So Lin Mo wanders home and asks if Jiu Chen knows anyone named “Ling Xi”…with enough identifying detail for him to know it’s Junior Fox Bro. But Lin Mo keeps wondering who Ling Xi is…

Back at Peach Blossom Forest, Junior admits what he’s done to Qing Yao. He didn’t say anything to her! He’s just upset at how she is now. What messy hair, you dolt, she has perfect hair! QY tells him that this is Ling Xi’s trial, they must not help her, they must wait and be patient for her to get through it. And how is Ling Xi? Junior is upset that she didn’t remember him at all. But it won’t be too much longer, right? Right? Hah, he says Jiu Chen is there and he won’t go back even if QY begs him to.

So, back at the Phoenix HQ in Exile, Jingxiu is giving the restorative pill to Priness Baoqing and healing her. So our cutest lil’ psycho will survive, I hope.

Back at home, Lin Mo is cleaning Jiu Chen’s room when she finds the little knot charm in his bed. He says someone gave it to him….which is an interesting thought to Lin Mo when combined with “Ling Xi is an old friend.”–and “I liked you from a long time ago,” and then the whole magic situation.

But they’re playing chess…and, uh oh. Si Ming shows up. He needs to see Jiu Chen, who is now thousand-yard-staring. It’s time. And Jiu Chen has to leave. Si Ming isn’t going to say what the trial is.–because this was Jiu Chen’s plan from the beginning and Si Ming is HELPING HIM, DO NOT INTERFERE! So Si Ming beats a fast retreat, while Jiu Chen and Lin Mo head out for a walk. Holding hands. Aw.

They go out by the river…

Jiu Chen says: life is like the sky, the sun will come out sooner or later as long as you keep moving forward and don’t give up. All the important things in life are important. Don’t give up on them and don’t give up on yourself. EVER.

Lin Mo says: hey, aren’t you going to be around to protect me?

Jiu Chen says: of course….but his face when she hugs him says he’s lying.


Love and Destiny – ep 44 – CDrama Recap

So we cut back to Shi San, taking the suggested long hike off a short pier–over to Medicine King Hall. Where Qing Yao is. She has a summons for Qing Yao from Jiu Chen. Qing Yao, however, keeps asking questions, such as, “Where is Jiu Chen?” and, “No, seriously, where’s Jiu Chen?”

AND THEN LORD FANG/SANGNAN SHOWS UP. He is home–because she brought him there! Shi San slinks off, because Yun Feng’s candle-lit two-person dinner in Fuyun Manor isn’t going to go anywhere. Lol, he launches into his speech when he hears the door open without looking. And, aw, it’s a long speech. And it’s Shi San who slides into view…wincing visibly. See, Qing Yao met an old friend on the way…

…So meanwhile at Medicine King Hall, the two are catching up. Turns out, Sangnan remained in the mortal world for fifty thousand years because he was waiting for Qing Yao (his mortal wife) again. He would have stayed there indefinitely if she hadn’t bumped into him again. And he’s got her comb/memento, still. He says: thank you for helping him pass the trial, he is very glad to see her again.

And Yun Feng is at the door. And Yuli spots him and comes over to twist the knife. Lol, I love Yuli when she’s not being terrible. But oh man, she twists that knife with both hands.

And Yun Feng, irate, launches off for Si Ming…

Who is hiding in Fuyun Hall. And sweeping, lol….Mightily confusing Shi San, who is used to being the pursuer, not the pursued. LOL HE SAYS THAT BEING AWAY FROM HER MAKES HIM FEEL MUCH LESS SECURE AND PROTECTED, can we BTW, close the doors? And windows? And find somewhere dark and [wince] quiet?

Shi San: ooooh, we wanna close the doors, huh?

Aaaaand Yun Feng storms in.

LOL, “Brothers are like limbs, women are like clothes. Which are more important?”
Yun Feng: “CLOTHES OF COURSE! It’d be embarassing to go outside naked!” SNERK.

Shi San does intervene, but without a whole lot of success.


Meanwhile, the old Earth God guy has also shown up at Lin Mo’s house. He’s there to see the young man living in the house…but he’ll come back later. When he’s been let in. Eh?

But at this point, Steward Song shows up in turn. And she invites them in to see Young Lord Song…oh boy. But Steward Song gets mad when he sees her living with an actual man…shamelessly! She needs to immediately go back with him and apologize to the Old Madam and the Master!

Jiu Chen doesn’t really have a good answer to all the questions Lin Mo has at this point. He just wants to protect her. “Lying to me is protecting me?” Well, has he ever hurt her? Well, he could! Well, he doesn’t want to, all he wants to do is stay with her and protect her, silly girl that she is.
Lin Mo says: it’s not your job, why do you want to!
Jiu Chen says: It’s cause I like you. Care about you. Pine for you. (Boy honestly does have got some game at this point.) But he’s been worried about her–worried that someone else would come in and take his place and she’d forget him.
Lin Mo says: when did you start to like me?
Jiu Chen says: A long time ago.
Lin Mo says: When we met?
Jiu Chen says: Before that….it’s enough that I remember. Don’t worry about it.
Lin Mo says: tell me everything, be honest, and I’ll consider forgiving you.
Jiu Chen says: Well, my name is Jiu Chen.

And, fortunately, the questions she comes up with after this are all answerable, but Jiu Chen chooses to kiss her instead. Which is a good way of avoiding the subject. D’aw, these guys are really good at kissing. Very picturesque. And this time Lin Mo even accepts a cuddle as well and smiles.

BUT SHE HASN’T GIVEN UP. LOL, she’s still interrogating him at dinner (and confiscating his food).


And then he stuns her and has to ask Antler Puppy for his opinion on women, LOOOOOL. Puppy thinks that he shouldn’t stun his girlfriend and then have to put her to bed to escape questions.

Outside, the Earth God guy kneels to pay him respects….ooooh, this is the guy who was in the mountain who got caught in the crossfire. Oh. Jiu Chen says: create an identity for me. You know a lot about mortals, and get me evidence of where I’ve lived, who my family is, etc.

Earth God says: any requests?
Jiu Chen [flashbacks to Aunty]:…I have to be rich, famous, well-set up, with a good family, a good match for marriage, and everything everyone else has. LOL BOY YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

So that morning, Lin Mo wakes up (with perfect hair and clothes, natch). Jiu Chen tells her they were just chatting and then she just fell asleep. But now he’s got paper proof, LOL. He’s from blah, his parents are dead, he has a grown up younger brother, he served in the military, his family has tea and salt trading. His family is rich and has assets, fields, shops, a HUGE mansion and servants. And he met her when he went out to visit a friend and fell in love at first sight. He’s not engaged but he is a very eligible prospect!

OH LOL LIN MO HAS BEEN LEAFING THROUGH THE PAPERS AND OFF TO ONE SIDE IS A “Female Servant/Concubine Contract” that Jiu Chen spots and panics and has to edge close and then SNATCH off the table before she gets to it. (If the boy eats it I’ll die happy.) She read it wrong! It’s not his! It’s his uncle’s! He’s going to give it back! [trips over bench]

Meanwhile back in Heaven, Lord Fang/Sangnan greets Yun Feng and Si Ming…and thanks them for helping him out with his trial! Sangnan throws shade like a champ, especially well since he probably doesn’t actually mean to.

Poor Si Ming heads off, feeling que sorry for himself.

Yun Feng, meanwhile, is trawling unsuccessfully for sympathy from Qing Yao. Qing Yao is reading her book and utterly ignoring him. Not ignoring him. (turning one’s back on someone pointedly counts as not ignoring, right?) Yun Feng eventually just snatches the book. But ends up spilling a bunch of presumably costly medicine stuff and recieving an icy QY glare (that turns into a smile when she has her back turned). But she says she’s on the way to Peach Forest…is he coming or not?

Back at the pharmacy, Lin Mo is having an unpleasant memory of Steward Song’s offended lecture. Doc Sun says she should rush home and go see her family, especially if Grandma is sick. And she’ll be perfectly safe if Lord Song is with her!

Fortunately, Lord Song/Jiu Chen is perfectly willing to go home with her. And, when she’s hesitating at the door, to tow her in by hand. Back at home, the servants are overjoyed to see Elder Miss…

Lin Mo has a little bit of a moment. And then Mom comes over to see her and is also having a cry.

So, Steward Song told them she was no longer deaf/mute…what else did he say?

And Grandma is doing better.

But at this point Mom notices the handsome guy in the background. She’s about to introduce him when Lil Sis intrudes, rudely. Mom sends Lin Mo off to see Grandma….and that’s…it. Ok.


Love and Destiny – Ep 43!

So they are sitting out watching the moon that evening. Lin Mo is wondering why Lord Song hasn’t gone back home to see his family for such a long time. He asks if she’s throwing him out again.

The next day, she’s stacking firewood around the frozen guys and about to try and set it alight. Jiu Chen, however, is more upset that she’s forgotten how they treated her. Lin Mo explains: even if he knows martial arts, he’s probably not all that good and can’t stand up against an actual master demon hunter. Poor Jiu Chen, lol. He asks what she wants.

She suggests: they both go home. She misses Mom and Dad, and hopefully at this point Lil Sis misses me enough to not be terrible any more. Jiu Chen says: ridiculous. And he lets the guys go. They immediately start begging him for their lives, but he just takes Lin Mo and goes away.

Meanwhile, in the Phoenix Kingdom, Jingxiu has arrived!

Meanwhile at home, Lin Mo is in a nice new dress and listening in at Jiu Chen’s door. Jiu Chen is inside, hiding behind the door. They both cough politely. LOL. She decides to just leave it. What was that about? I guess it was just to give him a chance to come down and tease her in the kitchen. Which is cute, but rather meaningless.

Oh! She finished making the new clothes for him. And at this point, isn’t even too self-conscious about helping him on with the overcoat and checking the fit, etc. But she does have to go flee afterwards. And, lol, Jiu Chen asks Antler Puppy if he looks good.

Meanwhile, Jingxiu is at his house. And Student is walking around brooding (on Princess and her crush) when he sees the fallen soldiers. He attacks. But he’s no match for State Advisor Jingxiu! DUDE BACK OFF HE’S TRYING TO SAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND! And more troops arrive, but Jingxiu poofs out (with the medicine). Orc Commander says: Hey, kid, you hurt? No? Good. Well, oh no, he escaped again. Dear me.

Back at home, Lin Mo is doing the household accounts.–they’re going to raise their own chickens and sell them for money. Then she can buy an embroidery frame and make clothes and stuff! Jiu Chen is just happy that she’s happy…still. For now….

Meanwhile at the pharmacy, Aunty and Doc are both wondering what’s up with Lin Mo. She’s really dreamy today. But meanwhile, it’s almost Lin Mo’s birthday–UH OH. She’s only going to live to be a few days past nineteen years old. But she would like a bowl of longevity noodles for her birthday present.

Heh, Antler Puppy likes the chicken coop and thinks it’s his. But he comes out immediately when Jiu Chen calls him. Yep, that’s dogs for you–they know us girls are soft touch but the guys mean business. Hmph. Anyhow, Jiu Chen says: why don’t you take that plant that Brother Jingxiu gave you out for some sun?

And that evening, they’re reading. Or at least, Lin Mo is reading. Jiu Chen is staring at her, because medical books are boring. She says: well then, go to sleep. He says: not sleepy. BTW, do you want to be a doctor?

Of course Lin Mo does–you can make a living and help others. Does he have a problem with this?

Jiu Chen says: of course not. But be aware that plans get disrupted and change.

Lin Mo says: yeah, like the time the Prince was sick and suddenly my whole life changed. But something like that won’t happen again, will it? But what do you want with your life, Lord Song? Be an official? Become a monster-killing master?

Jiu Chen says: I just want to be with you. Remember–you must be strong and good, no matter what happens in the future. Don’t resent, stay sane. And I’ll always be with you and protect you no matter what happens.

He’s moving in for a kiss, too, but she chickens out and runs away….heh, she ran out of the room and it was her room. But dude isn’t leaving without his kiss. LOL, AW.

Outside, meanwhile, Antler Puppy upsets Jingxiu’s plant. Aw, don’t do that!

Meanwhile with our only actually evil character, Yuan Tong is practicing magic in her tent….and then going off to the black hole. The Demon King speaks to her: here at last.–you’ve been the one calling to me for a long time. But he doesn’t want her life…By the way, how does she feel about her demotion? Would she like a promotion?

Yuan Tong says: you’ve got nerve.–trying to enspell a Heavenly General! Yeah, I’m not a general now, but if I kill you…

Demon King says: Even Jiu Chen couldn’t manage that.


Demon King says: Yeah, I’ll still be here when you get back.

Back at the pharmacy: Aunty has more gossip, and a lucky portrait of the Earth God for Lin Mo.

Back at Si Ming’s place, he’s trying to ask someone with a long beard for help/advice. Oh, it’s the guy who’s been there fifty thousand years. And what’s that guy going to do to the person who was supposed to be in charge of his fate when he gets back? Si Ming is WORRIED.

OH LOL, OK, so Jiu Chen just spotted the Earth God portrait in Lin Mo’s house–and the guy having tea with Si Ming just got a cold chill…AHAHAHA LIN MO WANTS HIM TO MAKE AN OFFERING TO THE EARTH GOD WITH HER. Jiu Chen is extremely hesitant…and…

…oh, oops, Lord Fang is the god undergoing a trial–and when he gets back, he and Qing Yao….ohhhhh. Oh yeah, Si Ming is right to be worried.

And then Earth God has, basically, a seizure, because Jiu Chen is praying to him. And the poster falls down. Jiu Chen bundles it off while Lin Mo is wondering how come she didn’t stick it up right.

Meanwhile! Lord Fang is trying to locate Qing Yao in the mortal world again. (DUDE WEREN’T YOU MARRIED?) But her shop is long closed. So he’s remembering their wedding night…which happened to be the first time they’d actually looked at each other (despite meeting multiple times.) OK, come on, this is boring.

Meanwhile, back in the Medicine Palace, Qing Yao is healing the Earth God. He was pretty severely hurt…how? But he doesn’t really know himself. Oh, lol–he recieved blessings that were not his.

OH LORD FANG/Sangnan just passed his trial! Earth God wonders if Qing Yao knows Sangnan? She says, nah, never heard of him–and anyway, how could a guy take fifty thousand years to complete a mortal trial? That’s pitiful. Earth God tries to offer his congratulations regarding her upcoming marriage to Yun Feng, but at this point Qing Yao becomes Scary Qing Yao and he beats a hasty retreat.

Not really fast enough, because Yun Feng is planning to officially propose. His bros think he needs to be very cautious…there have been many who proposed, and anyway, has Qing Yao ever given him any regard?

Yun Feng says: guys, I asked you for help…Si Ming?

Si Ming says: PROPOSE RIGHT NOW I PREDICT THIS MATTER WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN ONE TRY. (hopefully. Dear gods, please, successfully in one try). [mops brow.]

Also the bros are in favor of making it a bold, decisive match. LOL, he asks Fanboy if he plans to propose to Yuli like that.

Shi San says: why aren’t you asking the only woman in this room? Do you want it to be novel, unforgettable? Choose the location! Also, be solemn, meaningful, ceremonial!–So! Go to Spirit of the Brave Departed Hall, in front of your deceased family. This way, Qing Yao will think of you every time she walks past it!

Yun Feng: Shi San, GO BOIL YOUR HEAD.

Love and Destiny – ep 42

Jiu Chen is sticking with Lin Mo, because he wants to make sure she doesn’t fall in love with someone and lose them–like Qing Yao did. Oh, and like he did, too.–it made them both be cold and unwilling to love again. He’s willing to bear the pain of watching her be in pain, as long as she’s OK at the end of it. Yeah, dude, but what about inadvertently killing yourself in the process?

Back at home, Jiu Chen suggests a midnight snack. It can’t be that difficult to cook noodles, since he’s seen her do it! (one rather painful cooking scene later, Lin Mo says it was delicious.) But, importantly, is their engagement still valid? YEP. Even though you’re part of a sect? Well, is that a problem? OK, but do you eat?

Jiu Chen says: my special friend once told me that eating makes life much more pleasurable, and without food it’d be boring. Hence, I eat. AWWW, Lin Mo asks him to tell her about his friend. And he even goes off to wash the dishes. What a treasure.


That morning he walks her to work (when she fusses, he just grabs her hand.) And then he adjusts her hair, and promises to pick her up after work. And she waves goodbye. OK, boy’s game was very uncertain, but now he’s definitely got it. Aunty is watching!

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen walks past someone with a magical talisman they just got…from Cultivator, who is selling them, lol. OK, so Jiu Chen freezes time and walks over to him, lectures him a bit on practicing–and gives him an invitation to go see Master QingSong, somewhere else. Cultivator wants to follow Jiu Chen, but he demurs; he doesn’t have time. Master QingSong will help him cultivate and then bring him back once he’s achieved something. Also, this guy is lazy, not really smart, and has poor skills. But he’s the pupil of Jiu Chen, God of War. And he must devote himself to good deeds and pure thoughts and right intentions! Not defrauding people for money, or else Jiu Chen will kill him without mercy!

Aw, I hope these guys show up again some time, because they’re cute.

So meanwhile, the Emperor is getting a report on the trial of someone else. It’s been fifty thousand years, and yet his love trial isn’t over? Si Ming is slipping up!

Meanwhile in Peach Blossom Forest, Plant Fairy is collecting stuff. Shi San and Si Ming show up. Shi San is dressed up as a man, to better help Si Ming with whatever he’s up to right now. Heh, Shi San takes offence when Plant Fairy calls her “bro.”–but has no idea of what to call her instead. W-would “uncle” do? But Junior Fox Bro shows up to defend his girl. And mouth off to the two of them. Junior and Shi San bicker until Si Ming interposes. They are actually there to see Qing Yao.

Si Ming needs her to save a life…LORD FANG!? WHOOPS, his fate was changed after he met Qing Yao, and lovesickness needs a separate cure. DUDE THE GUY WAS MARRIED WITH A KID ON THE WAY! Qing Yao does not need to travel there herself…just needs to give him one item that will sever their connection.

Outside, Junior and Shi San are bonding over insults and wine. They’re about to launch into a full-on drinking contest when Plant Fairy tells them to stop. Oh, to drink the special wine they need her permission, because they use leaves from her plant. And she doesn’t want her Junior Fox to get drunk again. But Shi San has a cunning strategy. She drank one sip….magically…and passes out.


So Qing Yao has to give over the comb she’s been keeping as a memento for fifty thousand years.

Lord Fang, meanwhile, is coughing blood into his hankie. Si Ming poofs in to leave the comb. It magicks back up some memories for him when he touches it–is that all?

Back at the pharmacy, it’s a very hot day. Oh, whoops, those guys are still down at the docks, frozen in place. Obviously, between this and that monster attack, their town has become very unlucky! Lin Mo, however, being a heroine, goes over to inspect the icicles. And that night, is distracted.

Meanwhile at the black hole! Rebel Rebel is getting orders from the demon king. They still haven’t found Ling Xi–and it’s important to find her before she completes her trials in the mortal world. But it’s important to keep a low profile, since Heaven is investigating. It’s best to open the seal at the blood moon first, and then try and fetch Ling Xi back later.

Back at the Phoenix Palace, Rebel has harsh words for both Student and Orc Commander. How come they have not found Ling Xi yet?! Student says: it will be blood moon soon, don’t go too hard on Orc Commander, we still need him. Student isn’t all that big on opening the black hole and unleashing hell on earth, fortunately.

And Orc Commander susses this out. They are starting to have a very nice relationship! Orc Commander says: I heard the Princess was badly injured when she escaped. Pity we don’t know where she is or how it went.

Meanwhile, Si Ming’s palace is being invaded by the military bros. He’s also very nervous–he’s reaaaaaally worried about Qing Yao and also: Yun Feng.

Bro: [swallows wine] [points finger] “You’re dead.” So, howsabout you drink with us for a while and enjoy the time before he gets to you?

On cue, Yun Feng arrives. He wants to know about Jiu Chen and Ling Xi….and it’s really boring without them! Si Ming suggests a stroll. Yun Feng is going to stroll out to Peach Forest….driving Si Ming to desperate measures. Deity Yun Feng will help him if he gets into a bloody disaster, right? They’re friends, right? Basically brothers, right?

Worry not, Si Ming! Yun Feng shall be on your side!
Great! Don’t go to Peach Forest, then.
And then in comes Shi San. But, lol, she doesn’t like Si Ming’s wines. The really best wines are in Peach Blossom Forest…end scene. That was kind of weird.

Meanwhile at the pharmacy, the news is that the families of the thugs have hired a Master who will exorcise the evil spirits. Also, Aunty has anti-evil wine for Lin Mo: drink some, and then pour it around the doors. Lin Mo goes around also collecting a bunch of the talismans…and, hah, throws them in the fire.

Jiu Chen walks up while she’s doing this and finds the wine…which she snatches away. She also takes the talisman that he’s looking at and makes him wash his hands afterwards….oh, lol, she wants to protect him.