“You are alleged to have referred to the Director as–” Stuart raised the sheaf of notes to eye level without actually looking at them– “A ‘patriarchal pig-dog dinosaur.‘ Is that the case?”
Valentine, on whom theatrics were currently wasted, merely squinted at him. It wasn’t clear whether the bright lights, the noise, or his presence were more torturous at the moment. She said cautiously, “I don’t recall saying that….but it would be an assertion, if so, not an allegation.”


spy-x-family-768x662-1Mostly, it’s been The Shadow novels. However, there are others.

– The Continental Op – Dashiell Hammett

– Star Man’s Son – Andre Norton, which is a post-apocalyptic scifi-adventure

– Carpe Jugulum – Terry Pratchett


– Spy x Family is incredibly cute, wholesome, funny, exciting, well-paced, well-written, well-characterized, well-plotted, and overall just awesome. One of the reasons I never could get into American comics in a big way is that the art style is always uneven or just plain ugly. Manga-style art just looks so much better to my eye!

– Diablo (2015) – a nu-Western starring Scott Eastwood, who really should have asked his pops for some help. It’s one of those “I have one clever idea, one idea should be enough to swing a movie on,” and “I want it to be dramatic and meaningful,” type movies that only has a budget of around five dollars (4.95$ of which went to Scott’s hairdresser), and which desperately needed someone who knew what they were actually doing to write the script (to make it meaningful) and direct it (to make it dramatic.) It’s basically unwatchable, and I only skipped to the end because the synopsis spoiled the twist and I was curious to see how it ended. Shame, that.

Rouk’s Song

Wit I was waked to
When the world was dawning
My shape was set
To serve with skill:
Swiftness to answer 
The hand that hold me
Sharpness to sunder
The foes that face.
Faith I will keep
With my master forever
The will that wrought me
And the mind that made.
The task I have taken
I will turn from never:
Shielding his sons
From the sway of the stranger;
Guarding his gate
Lest the serpent strike there.
I will uphold his house
Keep hearth and haven,
Warding its ways
Til he follow them home.
Dawn it was then;
Now the dusk descending
Veils my view
That is hapless of hope.
Far have I sought him
And found not ever
Sight nor shadow 
That goes before!

forty and plumb

“Hi, this is Riders. So I went to where the road turns right, and I turned left–”
“–and I went across the cattleguard, and now there’s another fork in the road–”
“–and there’s a tree here….and there’s a guy coming at me in a four-wheeler.”
“That’s the husband.”

“Personal new low: I lost my notebook this time.”

“Where’re you headed out next?”
“Well, somewhere I’m hoping it’s not flooded out.”
“Forty and Plumb, huh?”
“Out in the back forty and plumb nowhere?”

Or in writing

“Well, we resolved that one thing with the other person. We gave her what she wanted and admitted that we were right.”

“Aaaah! Die! Die!” [attempts to kill spider on the exterior of car window with foot.]

“Your car is infested with spiders!”
“Are you sure you didn’t just bring them with you?”

“You might need to hire some more barn cats, ‘cuz these ain’t doing their job.”

“Well, he didn’t say ‘Papillons.’ He said, ‘the French dogs that look like underfed chihuahuas.'”


“Turn, Jalra!” A harsh voice challenged.

Jalra spun, the downward executioner’s strike flowing into a high hanging guard. The line of his men had broken open, and the light of the torches streamed in. A tall knight stood in the gap, his face and his features blending into the shadows he cast. Only the long, heavy sword in his hand shone clearly.

Both blades flashed as they leapt to strike.

or spoken

“I don’t know which is the one you need….this one says Ryders. Is that you?”
“I actually am Riders. I’m a different Riders, though. But that’s the one I need.”

“Okay, let’s just let it go under, ‘don’t let me catch you doing this again.’ Because if you’re gonna screw up, at least do something new and interesting next time.”

“Come on, guys, let’s go on outside and go chase squirrels and rabbits and any other kind of stupid thing….”

“I was having a pretty good day until you reminded me I had another birthday coming up.”
“That was my purpose!”

“[–] The animal control guy is a deputy or something with the police department, maybe. He had a badge.”
“T has a badge, but he’s not with the PD. He’s just animal control.”
“Well, he had a gun, too. Could’a been his own personal gun, of course.”
“T has a taser.”
“He had a haircut, too.”
“T has a haircut….”