The Modern Knight

I’ve just discovered the Youtube channel of Jason Kinsley, OBE, the games designer and CEO who also maintains the stables, kit and attitude of a mideval knight.

“Jason […] tries to run Rebellion – and all other aspects of his life – according to a medieval knight’s chivalric code of conduct.”What the code comes down to is try to be a decent person… and there are three parts – bravery, honesty and kindness.”

“In business the need to be brave is obvious; the ability to charge forward and seize the opportunity, and do the best that you can with it.
“Honesty doesn’t mean telling everyone your secrets, it means dealing fairly with people.
“So in business, I don’t try to get the best deal for myself, I’m trying to get the best deal for both sides.
“This is fairer and the right thing to do, and if the other side makes a profit they will come back and work with me again.
“And kindness is simply about the need to treat people well.”

His channel, Modern History TV, is a series of informative videos about knights, chivalry, and–be honest, the real stars of the show–his horses.

Jason Kingsley has a very obvious joy and sense of fun in what he’s doing which makes these videos actually fun to watch. There are tons of mideval history channels on YT, most of which are boring as anything and which tend to have a lot of tedious and largely irrelevant in-group feuding going on which can be very offputting to outsiders just looking for a starting point or visualized data.

These videos are short, to the point, and have extremely high production values. (and horses)

Pretty awesome. Take a look!